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2 Questions: Stag Arms AR-15's and 6.8mm

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Any reviews on Stag Arms AR-15's? I am initially pleased that they seem to cater to us leftys, at least more than most manufacturers...and that being said, what is the boards opinion about the 6.8mm option rather than the .223? I have searched over and over again here for "6.8mm" and get a whopping ZERO hits. Is availability of this ammunition going to be prohibitive? Because of the current panic-rush on guns and ammo, it's hard to get an accurate idea of what is actually more difficult to obtain; EVERYTHING is sold out online.
Thanks in advance for any reviews, tips and pointers!
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IMHO Stag is as good as anybody else. I would stick to .223 in a caliber unless you want to get into reloading though.
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