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2" 12 ga shotgun shell for HD

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Does anyone have any experience with these?

According to the site, it is a 12 ga. shotshell that is 2" long. It sports 2 1/4 dram equiv and a 7/8 oz shot load of #8.

Besides the overall length being 2", it boasts a pattern that is 2-3 times bigger than the spreader load that the same company makes. This combination sounds interesting to me for a HD load as it would be a low penetration, high round load that would spread out quickly.

Any thoughts? - besides those that swear by the 00 buck or #4 buck thought processes.
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Ok. You are probably in Illinois and I am in Florida. BTW, one side of my family is from the Ottawa/Peru area. I don't hold it against them, nor do I get to visit like I used to. Anyhow, I don't shoot trap or skeet. I do have over 30 years of shooting under my belt. They threw three of them out when I was accompanying my son to get his safety cert, and I hit all three. First time I had shot in over two years. I don't get the thrill of paying money to shoot frisbees, although I do enjoy shooting. That is the only time I have shot fake birds. Real birds duck and dive. I grew up shooting dove and quail with my shotgun. I have been peppered from time to time at distances from 20-40 yards. Most of the time it just stings a little. Sometimes it hurts. But I am calling complete BS on your (and others) assumption that bird shot is less effective than pepper spray at a distance of less than 15 feet.

At a distance of 15', you have the choice to be pepper sprayed or shot with 10 loads of 12 ga #8 birdshot? Which do you prefer?

Unless you are STUPID, like Illini warrior, you will prefer the birdshot as it is less than pepper spray, according to most of you geniuses.
I understand your frustration at what you consider stupid people. It is understandable in some cases. However, you have 8 posts here. Before you go insulting people and get banned, you may want to tone it down a bit. There is the Dark Side for that.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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