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2" 12 ga shotgun shell for HD

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Does anyone have any experience with these?

According to the site, it is a 12 ga. shotshell that is 2" long. It sports 2 1/4 dram equiv and a 7/8 oz shot load of #8.

Besides the overall length being 2", it boasts a pattern that is 2-3 times bigger than the spreader load that the same company makes. This combination sounds interesting to me for a HD load as it would be a low penetration, high round load that would spread out quickly.

Any thoughts? - besides those that swear by the 00 buck or #4 buck thought processes.
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That's the size I'm thinking of as well... probably a good 12"-16" pattern in a typical 15-20' room. An H&R Pardner with a typical extension could be a 10 or 11 shot shotgun with little worry of wall penetration.

The price doesn't really bother me as I would probably shoot a box or two to try them out, but then, hopefully, they would never be used.
I hadn't thought of the feeding issue and having the shell sort of tumble around. Thanks.

I understand that 00 buck is sexier and more macho, and penetrates much more, but I don't find putting bullet holes in my children all that satisfying. I have a house full of children and a split floor plan, hence, an intruder would most likely be greeted between myself and the childrens' bedrooms. Throwing 00 buck and slugs through the house in a middle of the night gun fight doesn't seem that smart to me. I'm pretty sure that an ounce of lead delivered at 1200 fps would get anyone's attention - at least enough to get the upper hand in the situation. Also, seeing that I am not Rambo, I don't expect to land 100% of my shots.

As far as being shot by a 12 ga at 15' or less, with #8 shot, I don't think many people would walk away after being hit with a few rounds at that distance.
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a snip from the link above."We have done tests with various birdshot loads. Birdshot penetrated through two pieces of drywall (representing one wall) and was stopped in the paper on the front of the second wall. The problem with birdshot is that it does not penetrate enough to be effective as a defense round. Birdshot is designed to bring down little birds."

just enough to go through a wall and hit your kids,not enough to stop an intruder from harming your kids,if he is armed and determined.

i would suggest not protecting your kids from ur keyboard and actually learning how to not talking a few hundred holes in paper,take some classes,run drills.then you will know when,what and how to shoot,safely.this has nothing to do with rambo,sexiness,or being moncho.

btw they do sell less then lethal shells,bean bags and such.if you have to be moncho with the sexy shot gun instead of a taser or pepper spray.
Well, thanks for the "advise", I guess. :rolleyes:
Like I said in my OP, "Any thoughts? - besides those that swear by the 00 buck or #4 buck thought processes."

Thanks to the few that actually addressed my question. A 2" shell is probably too short to reliably load. Question answered. Thanks.

Now, should I create a new thread to let everyone voice their opinions on how large the shot needs to be before it's effective enough for HD?

Swamppapa..."a thought, can you rearrange things so you are between the kids rooms and the most likely point of entry?
that way the projectiles aren't traveling in their direction. "

Answer - No, not practically. I would rearrange if SHTF, but those arrangements are not comfortable for day-in, day-out living.

Plumberroy..."5. not having kids bedrooms close so you can get them behind you quick is (as much as I hate to use the word ) STUPID worried about them hearing ? soundproof the walls !!! house set up that way, you didn't have to buy it !!!
Sorry to be hard but Once you take on a family providing and protecting is you only job everything else is noise
Roy "

Answer - I sort of inherited this house. To call someone STUPID because of that is, well, STUPID! You are ignorant (look up the true meaning which is being uniformed, etc). I will gladly let you come and pay to relocate my family to a house that better fits defensive tactics. But, until that happens, I guess you really don't have anything to add to the conversation, except that I am stupid for the house I live in. You, sir, are brilliant and you are showing how brilliant you are by calling me names rather than offering solutions. Thanks. Alot. You are terrific. And a lot of help.:)
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when you get 50 years of upland hunting and trapshooting experience you'll know how ineffective bird shot is against a mammal ... it doesn't even stop bugs bunny or tweety pie all the time ...
Ok. You are probably in Illinois and I am in Florida. BTW, one side of my family is from the Ottawa/Peru area. I don't hold it against them, nor do I get to visit like I used to. Anyhow, I don't shoot trap or skeet. I do have over 30 years of shooting under my belt. They threw three of them out when I was accompanying my son to get his safety cert, and I hit all three. First time I had shot in over two years. I don't get the thrill of paying money to shoot frisbees, although I do enjoy shooting. That is the only time I have shot fake birds. Real birds duck and dive. I grew up shooting dove and quail with my shotgun. I have been peppered from time to time at distances from 20-40 yards. Most of the time it just stings a little. Sometimes it hurts. But I am calling complete BS on your (and others) assumption that bird shot is less effective than pepper spray at a distance of less than 15 feet.

At a distance of 15', you have the choice to be pepper sprayed or shot with 10 loads of 12 ga #8 birdshot? Which do you prefer?

Unless you are STUPID, like Illini warrior, you will prefer the birdshot as it is less than pepper spray, according to most of you geniuses.
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I understand your frustration at what you consider stupid people. It is understandable in some cases. However, you have 8 posts here. Before you go insulting people and get banned, you may want to tone it down a bit. There is the Dark Side for that.
I do realize that I am the new guy here. Props for what you guys have created or I wouldn't want to be part of it, but damn. Idiots saying that they would rather be shot with #8 shot, than getting tazed is just damn stupid.
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Thanks for the responses that were rational.
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