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2" 12 ga shotgun shell for HD

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Does anyone have any experience with these?

According to the site, it is a 12 ga. shotshell that is 2" long. It sports 2 1/4 dram equiv and a 7/8 oz shot load of #8.

Besides the overall length being 2", it boasts a pattern that is 2-3 times bigger than the spreader load that the same company makes. This combination sounds interesting to me for a HD load as it would be a low penetration, high round load that would spread out quickly.

Any thoughts? - besides those that swear by the 00 buck or #4 buck thought processes.
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1. short shells are not reliable in most repeaters single shot or double they would work
2. 8's are a poor choice to start with for defense speader loads make it worse
3. same weight of shot and muzzle speed equal same energy gauge doesn't matter
4. If you do have to defend yourself using the same load as local law enforcment could save legal headaches = #00 buck for shotgun
5. not having kids bedrooms close so you can get them behind you quick is (as much as I hate to use the word ) STUPID worried about them hearing ? soundproof the walls !!! house set up that way, you didn't have to buy it !!!
Sorry to be hard but Once you take on a family providing and protecting is you only job everything else is noise
Having a plan on how you protect your family in an emergcy is just as important as having something to protect them . Every one knowing where to go is something you drill into every one. With out this out this you multipy many times over the chance of some one getting hurt . I really don't care how you got the house when the family is asleep. you need to be between entries and kids . Want solutions move rooms around to where they are more defensive . If you do it yourself it isn't that expensive Me personally taking care of family is more important than when it come to a house . As far as #8's for defence A coworker of mine years ago was shot in a tree stand 15-20 yards he moved to let the guy know he was there and the guy shot him he was wearing carhart artic coveralls flannel shirt and longjohns no shot broke the skin (broke a bone in his wrist from falling out of the tree) if you must use shot use #2 know this if 2 sheets of drywall stops what ever load you use it does not have a good chance of ending a threat
17 years ago Thursday We lost a 17 year old son to a car accident I know what burrying a child is like . Sometimes no matter what you do will stop tragedy. So you do everything to tip odds to your favor I would sleep on the floor in the hall before I let children sleep between me and a door even now when grandkids stay you have to get by my bedroom to get to where they sleep. you can buy or build another house you can't replace kids
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