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Leaches to remove swelling in extremities, so they don't loose blood flow. Maggots to remove dead flesh - good for sm 3rd degree burns. Spiderwebs to stop bleeding, thorns to hold wounds closed. You should be able to find alot of good info on the web. The ancient Egyptians were masters of medicine. Many skulls have been found with old healed traumatic wounds that should have been fatal - even today.

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Yeah.....that wont happen....we might return to a few primitive techniques, but we wont sprint backwards that much.
If you think so.
But if you look at our current medicine it isn't that different from 19th century except for technology. That is about the only difference.

What happens when you remove technology? I'm talking about serious **** hits the fan over an extended period.

Bam. 19th century.
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