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Right now there is only a couple of Italian companies that make the reproductions, namely Pietta and Uberti, most places here in the US sells either one or the other or both, the Uberti is said to be of better quality, but the Pietta is a good gun as well, as both seem to have hits and misses with quality these days.

If you are not familiar with firearms, may I ask why you are wanting specifically an 1851 model?

Why I ask is, if you are wanting it for defense or a gun to use if the S hits the fan, in my opinion, and I have three of them, the 1858 model Remington is a better choice for that as you can buy extra cylinders and have them pre loaded and ready to use, and swapping a cylinder in the 1858 is as fast if not faster than using a speed loader on any cartridge revolver.
Just an FYI mind you! :)

If you are wanting one just because "place whatever reason here" then please disregard what I posted above as it wouldn't apply! :thumb:
Im familear with guns, what I meant when I said I dont know much, is I dont know technical terms,parts ect.. And I really like the style, how its black powder revolver
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