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14 Unexpected Responses To Hatred

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In a world of so much bad news, it is important to also hear about the good.

I could not be more eloquent than Paul Kearney, who wrote these appropriately beautiful words in the comments of the hyperlinked story:

"I am truly touched by these, and hope that more of us stand up, to the extremists, who are trying to hijack our world. We see so much extreme actions, and hear hate filled rhetoric, ad nauseum, good men must do something, or freedom means nothing."

(From the story)
"7. This teen showed what happens when you respect even those who hate you.

In June of 1996 in Ann Arbor, a fairly liberal town in southeastern Michigan, the Ku Klux Klan scheduled a rally at city hall. When locals heard the news, 300 protestors, including Keshia Thomas, then 18 years old, turned up to to counter the KKK. A mere 17 Klansmen participated in the rally, grossly outnumbered by the protestors. When one white supremacist got mixed in with the counter-demonstration, the event turned violent, with the KKK member falling to the ground getting kicked and beaten with sticks.

People shouted "Kill the Nazi," and it could have turned deadly if not for Thomas, who jumped on top of the man to protect him from the mob's blows. She very well could have saved the life of a man who was there to actively promote hate of people like her -- a man who might not have cared whether she herself lived or died."
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Does anyone here actually know an "average racist"? Im not talking about the vermin you see on tv, spouting hate and shouting ***********. I mean real racists. Believe it or not, there are alot of them and they are in all races. And many of them do have close friends in other races. For example, one of the guys who works for me (Tim) absolutely will not date women of another race, and he is black. For him, its a cultural thing. He told me, "you dont see cardinals and blue birds mating, do you? Do you see horses mating with goats?" I know white guys that feel the same. But Tim and another one of my workers (Mark) are best friends. They go fishing together. One is always at the others house. Tim's car broke down and he called Mark at 2am. Mark showed up 45 minutes later. Mark's kids call Tim, Uncle Tim. But neither believes in "mixing" of the races. In case you havent guessed, Mark is white.
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I read stories like this all the time. Maybe it's because I stay away from mass media outlets.

Like the two judges who recently ruled anti-gay-marriage laws in their states as unconstitutional. Kudos to them for standing up against all of the bigots in their state! That takes a lot of courage, and I hope they are rewarded for it by the repeal of those unconstitutional laws.

People are people. No matter who you are, if you see oppression, hate, or hostility... stand up against it.
Unconstitutional law? Sorry Nectar, but marriage laws are under the jurisdiction of the states. Not every aspect of everyday life is under Federal jurisdiction. Thats why we have a Bill of Rights, to limit the Federal Govt.
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Agree that there are racist of every color, however as related to marriage does not believing in mixed race marriage make one a racists? That seems to be their beliefs , and being such good friends I question if one would discriminate against the other.

Seems neither are racists, but they just don't believe in mixed marriage. Just as many don't believe illegal aliens should be here by virtue of them being illegal, or are not in favor of the current administration because of their belief in the course this country should take, but others will say they are racist because they voice their opinions concerning an issue involving another race.
Actually, they are what most would consider racists. Dont forget, interracial marriage was once illegal in most states. The battle cry of those who were for interracial marriage was "racism". Each of them wants to preserve their culture and heritage. Why? Because they believe that they are unique and, in a way, superior to all others. So yes, they are racists. They will tell you the same thing. Both call themselves racists and are proud of it. They both claim they are "fighting for their people".

Since I am bi-racial (Cherokee and Caucasian), I found this fascinating. I have several black guys working for me and, almost to a man, they all feel superior in one way or another to whites. Only one dates white women. Yet, many have close white friends. One of the black guys goes to Confederate reinactments. It seems one of his ancestors was white and fought for the South. Even though he doesnt date outside his "race", he still celebrates his white ancestor's deeds. It seems a bit conflicted to me, but it makes sense to him.
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I do not understand the equating of preserving a culture as racist. I have no restraints on myself in that regard and have dated both a Vietnamese and a Honduran, but I find no fault with those who stay within their race. Attraction is a funny thing... and I can attest to the culture differences being insurmountable for some people (not me, I enjoy learning about and absorbing, especially Asian, cultures, I've always felt I should have found a way to go over there before I had a family, just one of those indescribable feelings one has). Yes there is a difference between culture and race, and culture is usually the culprit for racist accusations. But there are differences in the races themselves. Just not bad ones. The perspective has to change.

Dr Reco said that he hoped that the illusion of race would disappear, I go one step in the opposite direction and say that I hope we will stop villianizing the acceptance of differences between race and culture, and embrace them and value them. The differences are what makes it great. I don't want a One People, all looking alike and of the same mind. How boring would that be? Instead, it should be the goal of our race hating/exploiting nation to accept and celebrate that there are differences in both culture and race. Not divisive differences, but additive ones, that together, make us all better.

I still feel that the individual should never be judged for the color of his/her skin when it comes to the character and value of that individual, just that it should not be ignored when it comes to the understanding of that individual, both by him/her self and everyone else, as a whole.

Im not arguing anyone's side here. Just pointing out a fact.

These guys believe their culture is superior to anyone else's. Ive tried to get a reasoned response from them, but nothing so far. Ive pointed out that most people equate culture to race, and that by thinking your culture race is superior, the person thinking that way is technically a racist. They agreed that they are racists. Yet, they have friends that are other races.

I found it facinating that they could hold such views while having close friends who they felt came from inferior cultures/races.
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Wasn't accusing you Wise Owl... your post just reminded me of how crazy this whole thing has become.

I know, the thinking is skewed, and comfortable would be a better word than superior. And instead of racist the buzzword should be culturist... or differentist... or something.

Instead, even the people who really hate, not just surface hate where one makes fun of those that are different than them, but really deep down hatred, it's really the culture that poses the biggest threat to their worldview. Culture can be learned. Looks can be overcome. By perpetuating the Race card at every corner, though, it will never be any different.

You are right, though, I have seen similar behavior and thinking and it boggles the mind, unless you can understand the culture they were brought up in. Then, it's not so hard...
True. And logic doesnt seem to factor into their beliefs. Ive managed to meld both of my ancestrial cultures. Ive gone to highland festivals wearing both Scottish and Cherokee regalia.
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I argue that the 9th amendment protects against state infringement of certain unenumerated rights, such as the ability for consenting adults to marry a person of their choosing.

The last of the anti-miscegenation laws were finally repealed in 2000. By your argument, making interracial marriage unlawful was also well within the jurisdiction of the states. Yet... those laws were ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by the US Supreme Court. How is bigotry against people of color any different than bigotry against people who are attracted to their own sex?

Another bigot out of the closet, eh?

Welcome to the wrong side of history.

I applaud anyone who is willing to fight for the freedom of others to enjoy the same freedoms they themselves enjoy. Anything less is repugnant.
The 9th protects against infringement by the FEDERAL Govt. All rights not specifically given to the Feds are owned by the states and the people. You really need to learn who the Constitution is meant to protect. It was intended as a "castrating" document against the Federal Govt.

So, 32 years after your god, the Federal Govt, stuck down those laws, the last state to have it finally repealed it? Way to keep those states on their toes. :rolleyes:

How is it different than homosexual marriage? You really need to go back and take civics class again...if you took it i the first place. Marriage laws were created to protect progeny. They were designed to formalize and legitimize inheritance. Before there were marriage laws, anyone could claim someones property. Marriage and inheritance laws made it so that only the spouse and biological offspring could inherit. Interracial couples can reproduce. Homosexuals can not reproduce. Yeah, I know the tired old retort, "But what about heterosexual couples who are sterile". Thats a load of HS. They are not the norm in heterosexual couples, making up only a small percentage of those couples. No homosexual "union" can produce a child. If one homosexual wants his/her "partner" to inherit, then put it in his/her will. Problem solved.

But what about homosexual couples who adopt? Until recently, and based on ludicrous studies, that was not a factor. Over the millenia, marriage has become, not only a legal contract, but a religious tradition. Even in the beginning, most "judges/magistrates" were priests. So, marriage has always been a religious institution. All of todays laws were based on older laws and "intent" of the law has always been a factor. The history, tradition, and intent of marriage laws has always been inheritance and that is it between men and women.

Although the majority of people do not care what consenting adults do in private, the majority also think homosexuality is abnormal. This ideology is being passed on to the next generation. I know this for a fact because all of my nieces and nephews who are old enough to understand it, think homosexuals are sick and twisted.
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Another bigot out of the closet, eh?

Welcome to the wrong side of history.

People like you have overused the word bigot so much, it has ceased to have any meaning or impact.

They tried a social revolution in the 60's, it didnt really take. History is written by the victors, too bad youre on the losing side. Us "breeders" are going to breed you out of existence.
Yes I do know a few actual bigots or should say have know, but I do understand what your saying, its hard on a day to day bases to meet an outspoken bigot.

Still we should not kid our selves they are not there and would not come out if they had the chance. Just like the Theocrats who would like nothing more than some form of Sharia like laws for Christian they are there its just that the rest of society will not tolerate it. But if given some power they would come out without reservation. :(

Yes, but proponents of a Theocracy, who want Sharia like laws based on Christianity, are extremely rare. Contrary to the media and leftists, 99.9999% of Christians think people like the Westboro nuts are a bunch of psychotics.

The belief that Conservative Christians want a theocracy is a fear tactic, propaganda, spread by the left and had no basis in reality. If it were actually true, you would have seen a major push to get laws repealed. A few protestors does not a major push make. You can sleep at night now that, hopefully, you realize there are no Christian "Boogeymen" under your bed.
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You and I are speaking from different schools of thought...scientifically and socially. Biologically there is no genetic basis for race. The original five archaic "parental" race classifications (Caucasoid, *********, *******, American Indian, and Malayan) proposed in the late 1700's have little to any biologically discrete evidence of existence, and science does not claim them. To put it plainly, race as a scientifically identifiable concept, is extremely problematic at best.

Which leads me to the social context...and all the inferior/superior beliefs that sprung up about race in the not too distant past, which are obviously well recited by folks that have scarcely looked under a microscope since 8th grade biology (if they ever looked under one)... At any rate, we come to the brainwashed social beliefs that certain of our brethren are somehow genetically inferior which you seem to ascribe as fact. Current scientific thinking does not, so we obviously have different understandings.

This little conversation has reinforced my thinking on the relative youth (and hubris) of mankind. Sometimes I think we're still barely out of the dark ages...yet I have faith in our species. We will get there.
While I agree that there in is no inherent "superiority/inferiority" between races, to say that there are no races is actually wrong. Ask any forensic pathologist how they identify people from skeletal remains and he/she will discuss skull shape, supraorbital process and foramen, teeth, etc.

Black people are generally faster than whites because they adapted to their enviroment. Tightly curled hair allowed for sun protection and cooling. Larger nasal openings allowed for the same thing. Darker pigmentation protected their skin from the sun.

Whites tend to be physically stronger than blacks. Notice you see very few black power-lifters. Their straight hair was an adaptation to prevent heat loss in colder climates. Smaller nasal openings also slowed heat loss. Lighter skin allowed for the absorption of sunlight to help produce vitamins.

Asians share similar adaptations. Northern asians have stronger musculature and southern asians are leaner, but are faster. Northern asians have smaller nasal openings, while southern asians have larger.

Basically, race is just regional survival adaptations.
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That in no way means Tim is racist to any degree whatsoever, he just believes in no mingling of the races. Nor is it racist or wrong to believe homosexuality is a perverted lifestyle. The wrong would be in hurting those of a different sexual attraction. In these days and times, people believe if you think differently or have different beliefs you are wrong, and I disagree wholeheartedly.
You forget, for decades anyone who disagreed with interracial marriage was called a racist.
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