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14 Unexpected Responses To Hatred

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In a world of so much bad news, it is important to also hear about the good.

I could not be more eloquent than Paul Kearney, who wrote these appropriately beautiful words in the comments of the hyperlinked story:

"I am truly touched by these, and hope that more of us stand up, to the extremists, who are trying to hijack our world. We see so much extreme actions, and hear hate filled rhetoric, ad nauseum, good men must do something, or freedom means nothing."

(From the story)
"7. This teen showed what happens when you respect even those who hate you.

In June of 1996 in Ann Arbor, a fairly liberal town in southeastern Michigan, the Ku Klux Klan scheduled a rally at city hall. When locals heard the news, 300 protestors, including Keshia Thomas, then 18 years old, turned up to to counter the KKK. A mere 17 Klansmen participated in the rally, grossly outnumbered by the protestors. When one white supremacist got mixed in with the counter-demonstration, the event turned violent, with the KKK member falling to the ground getting kicked and beaten with sticks.

People shouted "Kill the Nazi," and it could have turned deadly if not for Thomas, who jumped on top of the man to protect him from the mob's blows. She very well could have saved the life of a man who was there to actively promote hate of people like her -- a man who might not have cared whether she herself lived or died."
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I read stories like this all the time. Maybe it's because I stay away from mass media outlets.

Like the two judges who recently ruled anti-gay-marriage laws in their states as unconstitutional. Kudos to them for standing up against all of the bigots in their state! That takes a lot of courage, and I hope they are rewarded for it by the repeal of those unconstitutional laws.

People are people. No matter who you are, if you see oppression, hate, or hostility... stand up against it.
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Unconstitutional law? Sorry Nectar, but marriage laws are under the jurisdiction of the states. Not every aspect of everyday life is under Federal jurisdiction. Thats why we have a Bill of Rights, to limit the Federal Govt.
I argue that the 9th amendment protects against state infringement of certain unenumerated rights, such as the ability for consenting adults to marry a person of their choosing.

The last of the anti-miscegenation laws were finally repealed in 2000. By your argument, making interracial marriage unlawful was also well within the jurisdiction of the states. Yet... those laws were ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by the US Supreme Court. How is bigotry against people of color any different than bigotry against people who are attracted to their own sex?

Another bigot out of the closet, eh?

Welcome to the wrong side of history.

I applaud anyone who is willing to fight for the freedom of others to enjoy the same freedoms they themselves enjoy. Anything less is repugnant.
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