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14 Unexpected Responses To Hatred

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In a world of so much bad news, it is important to also hear about the good.

I could not be more eloquent than Paul Kearney, who wrote these appropriately beautiful words in the comments of the hyperlinked story:

"I am truly touched by these, and hope that more of us stand up, to the extremists, who are trying to hijack our world. We see so much extreme actions, and hear hate filled rhetoric, ad nauseum, good men must do something, or freedom means nothing."

(From the story)
"7. This teen showed what happens when you respect even those who hate you.

In June of 1996 in Ann Arbor, a fairly liberal town in southeastern Michigan, the Ku Klux Klan scheduled a rally at city hall. When locals heard the news, 300 protestors, including Keshia Thomas, then 18 years old, turned up to to counter the KKK. A mere 17 Klansmen participated in the rally, grossly outnumbered by the protestors. When one white supremacist got mixed in with the counter-demonstration, the event turned violent, with the KKK member falling to the ground getting kicked and beaten with sticks.

People shouted "Kill the Nazi," and it could have turned deadly if not for Thomas, who jumped on top of the man to protect him from the mob's blows. She very well could have saved the life of a man who was there to actively promote hate of people like her -- a man who might not have cared whether she herself lived or died."
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These are random feel-good stories, and anomalies.

Think, that 300 blacks/white schills would come and hope to kill white nationalists.

It's their majority oppressing our minority, or it's our majority oppressing their minority. This is true even after 100 years or so of being endlessly told that universal tolerance is possible.

It's true in South Africa, it's true in Zimbabwe, it was true in Haiti, and it's true here.

Meanwhile, here you are displaying people who want the white phenotype and culture to continue to exist as mindless haters. Tell me, is clamoring for your own slide into irrelevance and eventual extinction "compassion", "love", or "hope"? Is giving up your homeland to others with their own goals and motivations "equality" or "color-blindness"? Jesus said that no man has greater love than he that lays down his life for his friends, and yet here you are selling certain doom for your and your friends' grandchildren and way of life.
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