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14 Unexpected Responses To Hatred

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In a world of so much bad news, it is important to also hear about the good.

I could not be more eloquent than Paul Kearney, who wrote these appropriately beautiful words in the comments of the hyperlinked story:

"I am truly touched by these, and hope that more of us stand up, to the extremists, who are trying to hijack our world. We see so much extreme actions, and hear hate filled rhetoric, ad nauseum, good men must do something, or freedom means nothing."

(From the story)
"7. This teen showed what happens when you respect even those who hate you.

In June of 1996 in Ann Arbor, a fairly liberal town in southeastern Michigan, the Ku Klux Klan scheduled a rally at city hall. When locals heard the news, 300 protestors, including Keshia Thomas, then 18 years old, turned up to to counter the KKK. A mere 17 Klansmen participated in the rally, grossly outnumbered by the protestors. When one white supremacist got mixed in with the counter-demonstration, the event turned violent, with the KKK member falling to the ground getting kicked and beaten with sticks.

People shouted "Kill the Nazi," and it could have turned deadly if not for Thomas, who jumped on top of the man to protect him from the mob's blows. She very well could have saved the life of a man who was there to actively promote hate of people like her -- a man who might not have cared whether she herself lived or died."
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I guess we are suppose to ignore the fact the rest of the tolerant "good guys" was trying to kick a man to death. I do give the woman kudos for heart and courage.
No we should not ignore it. We should just give more attention to radical acts of kindness as shown there.

Mark 12:43-44 (NIV)
"Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Her pennies were worth more than their thousands. Her small act of kindness outweighed his and the crowd's groupthink hate.
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These are random feel-good stories, and anomalies.

Think, that 300 blacks/white schills would come and hope to kill white nationalists.

It's their majority oppressing our minority, or it's our majority oppressing their minority. This is true even after 100 years or so of being endlessly told that universal tolerance is possible.

It's true in South Africa, it's true in Zimbabwe, it was true in Haiti, and it's true here.

Meanwhile, here you are displaying people who want the white phenotype and culture to continue to exist as mindless haters. Tell me, is clamoring for your own slide into irrelevance and eventual extinction "compassion", "love", or "hope"? Is giving up your homeland to others with their own goals and motivations "equality" or "color-blindness"? Jesus said that no man has greater love than he that lays down his life for his friends, and yet here you are selling certain doom for your and your friends' grandchildren and way of life.
Who I am displaying as haters? Did you read the article? Whose homeland have I offered up for sale? Which side is my side? And to whom am I selling doom?

Your knee jerk reaction reveals the misunderstanding, and pain in your heart. Those "random feel-good stories and anomalies" as you called them, have nothing to do with what you wrote....and should be praised.

Do you even know what you wrote in quoting Jesus? Jesus did not just lay down his life for friends. He laid down his life for men and women who violently opposed him and everything for which he stood.

That one radical act of love is the side I choose young man. Where do you stand?
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Let us not forget that there's also such a thing as misplaced compassion.
If I didn't hold the faith I do, then I might agree with this. However, there has been an awful lot of compassion shown me that I haven't deserved.

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for the chick named Thomas is with me.

Darwinian rules don't work anymore and we are now suffering the consequences. Loss of resources will eliminate both sides of this equation.
I tell all that listen to me that I freely acknowledge that my faith could be misplaced. I just sincerely hope not.

That said, we are suffering the consequences that all men and women since the dawn of mankind have faced. That which we sow, we reap...
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No one should believe something written on the huffington post.
And you believe or doubt other MSM sites as long as they cater to your political leanings?
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This issue is never going to be solved.
Of course it will! There are much bigger fights to be fought. Mankind, as we know it, is relatively young. Look at our advancements just in the last 200 years vs the previous 2000...

Phony illusions like race are really small potatoes to some of the other information wars currently being waged.
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Dr Reco said that he hoped that the illusion of race would disappear, I go one step in the opposite direction and say that I hope we will stop villianizing the acceptance of differences between race and culture, and embrace them and value them. The differences are what makes it great. I don't want a One People, all looking alike and of the same mind. How boring would that be? Instead, it should be the goal of our race hating/exploiting nation to accept and celebrate that there are differences in both culture and race. Not divisive differences, but additive ones, that together, make us all better.
I celebrate and admire cultures, "races", and even physical differences amongst our people. As an example, I'm a Japanophile and am greatly interested in many things about Japan's history and culture. I happen to love auburn hair and red freckles on women, etc...

Yes, differences can be wonderful. What is not so wonderful is our false racial paradigm of judging others' worth solely based on physical characteristics. This is an illusion and a growing pain of a young species in my opinion.
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How is race an illusion? And "mankind" is not young. African tribes can be traced back 100,000 years, certain Asian tribes 80,000 years. It is only the Adamite tribes (Arabs/hebrews(whites) ) that can only be traced back a couple of thousand, With Adamites going back in the ball park of at the most just shy of 7,000 years and Arabs being not long after that.
Earth is believed to be around 4.5 billion years old. Our current knowledge on hominids is about several million years.

Even taking into account your mention of 100,000 years, mankind, just in comparison to our own earth, is incredibly young...There are living trees (and God knows what else) older than **** sapiens.

How about the relative youth of our American experiment which is only 237 years old... Rome lasted a thousand years by comparison.

And then there is the technological leaps and bounds we have made over the last couple hundred years that may debatably be greater than all the technological advances of the previous couple thousand.

The term race as we use it today came into existence around the 17th century. Scientifically the concept is almost meaningless except as a way to try to categorize phenotypic differences. Of course the advent of eugenics, in the late 1800's, which was furthered by Nazi Germany, contributed to many current views on race as far as essentialism is concerned.

So observable phenotypic differences are real in the sense of blue or brown eyes. Beyond the superficial, race is not even really scientifically considered as a classification for humans (more of a social construct than a biological one).
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You have to be pretty blind to not see past the superficial differences in people. There are clearly huge differences in people. If we all started from the same patch of grass, How have some come so much further then others? We are talking a small 8% going significantly further then 92%, That is not superficial that is fact. All these advancements you speak off, look where they came from. And science claims there are 3 types of people, Caucasoid, ********** and Negroids. And no, These are not derogatory or demeaning terms.

Treating everyone as equals sets people up for failure. Expecting a 45 lb 3 foot child to jump 6 feet in the air is unrealistic, as is expecting a 350lb man to fit into a fox hole. When society come to realize this and fluctuates its expectations for people on all levels society may be able to work better.
You and I are speaking from different schools of thought...scientifically and socially. Biologically there is no genetic basis for race. The original five archaic "parental" race classifications (Caucasoid, *********, *******, American Indian, and Malayan) proposed in the late 1700's have little to any biologically discrete evidence of existence, and science does not claim them. To put it plainly, race as a scientifically identifiable concept, is extremely problematic at best.

Which leads me to the social context...and all the inferior/superior beliefs that sprung up about race in the not too distant past, which are obviously well recited by folks that have scarcely looked under a microscope since 8th grade biology (if they ever looked under one)... At any rate, we come to the brainwashed social beliefs that certain of our brethren are somehow genetically inferior which you seem to ascribe as fact. Current scientific thinking does not, so we obviously have different understandings.

This little conversation has reinforced my thinking on the relative youth (and hubris) of mankind. Sometimes I think we're still barely out of the dark ages...yet I have faith in our species. We will get there.
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The progress fascist news media aka ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, LAT, Huffington Post, etc are lying propagandists who work for the progressive fascist cause. Everything that they do is designed to help the progressive fascist cause. You really can't consider them reporters of the news anymore than Gobbells.
You forgot to include the right leaning media. While much of media is "lying propaganda", sometimes they actually report the news...(as in reporting what actually happened). It's ok to listen outside of the echo chamber every once in awhile.

While I agree that there in is no inherent "superiority/inferiority" between races, to say that there are no races is actually wrong. Ask any forensic pathologist how they identify people from skeletal remains and he/she will discuss skull shape, supraorbital process and foramen, teeth, etc.
That is entirely superficial. Ask any of those same pathologists to identify "race" through DNA, and things will become a lot more problematic. Biologically, humans are classified under one race (**** sapiens). This is not my opinion. There is no genetic basis for race. Race is a social construct, and a lot of beliefs about race came about due to pseudoscience and propaganda. This is a really important thing to understand.

Physical traits like eye and skin color, are reflected in .01 percent of human genes, and did likely evolve from environmental pressures. There is no way to tell a person's race by looking at their DNA.

''The criteria that people use for race are based entirely on external features that we are programmed to recognize..." - Dr. Douglas C. Wallace, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Emory University School of Medicine

''The differences that we see in skin color do not translate into widespread biological differences that are unique to groups.'' - Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti, Geneticist, Case Western University

So, let us celebrate and admire our beautiful physical differences, and continue to put away the false racial separations of the past. And as was said at the "Tower of Babel", let the Lord say to mankind once more...

"Behold, they are one people...and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them." Genesis 11:6 (NASM)

You forget, for decades anyone who disagreed with interracial marriage was called a racist.
It depends on why someone is opposed to people of different skin colors marrying in the first place. One would be hard pressed to find a reason other than some misguided belief about skin tone to disagree with such a marriage.

You may disagree with the choice of person due to character, values, or some other tangible reason...yet to disagree with a union based solely on skin color suggests you think skin color is more than skin deep.
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