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You are absolutely correct. The only time I was confronted by a black bear was at a distance of ten feet, and inside a building. Fortunately this was during daytime, because I was using my 44 mag Redhawk that day. One shot, all he did was bleed.

It is unfortunate that none of my magnum revolvers can be fitted with a weapons light. That would be perfect, IMO. I bought my Sig 220 in 10 mm, and my Streamlight, specifically because my area has numerous predators and feral hogs, and the often show up at night.

Anyone know of a practical way to mount a weapons light to a DA revolver?
I was showing property to a client for my aunt, she was a realtor. The property was deep in the woods on the Canadian/U.S. border. We were walking on a game trail over a mile from my truck. We approached a huge tree that fell across the trail with the wind in our face. We walked up to the rotten log and a huge bear stood up facing us. He was breathing hard because he was digging grubs under the log to eat. He was on one side of the log and we were on the other side. I was close enough to the bear I could feel his breath on my face. I didn’t bring my 44 with me that day. It was 20 seconds of snarling black fur, thankfully we weren’t mauled. The client decided not to buy the property.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts