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How many uses does a shower curtain have? I'll go first.

1. as a shower curtain (Main purpose)
2. cut it into strips and crochet a mat or purse
3. as a tablecloth while camping
4. as a tarp
5. as a poncho
6. as a privacy curtain
7. hang as a windblock
8. lay flat between blankets for extra warmth
9. line your truck bed
10. fold over a pole and use as a pup tent
11. short term water protection for firewood or anything else you want to keep dry
12. tape over a broken window
13. wad up and stuff in a hole in wall to keep cold air out
14. wrap around a dead animal/human for primitive burial
15. as a drop cloth for painting
16. as a drop cloth under a high chair (if you have a messy baby)

What else can we think of? I know a shower curtain isn't as sturdy as a real tarp, but I'd like to think outside the box. How else could we use a shower curtain in a pinch?

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collecting fallen nuts or fruits from trees, water proofing for buried preps, with the flower print design my mom has on hers, it could be used as camoflage in an arboretum
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Bundle it up and use it as a ginormous waterproof hobo bag

Cover up your firewood if it looks like it's gonna rain (or morning dew is an issue)

Use to drag large items/animals/injured persons back to camp

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Use it as a clean surface to butcher out an animal on.
Use it as a shroud to bury a body.
Cut and sew it into buckets for hauling water (yes, it will leak a bit, but if you sew it right, it won't leak much)

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shade canopy

giftwrap, especially a pretty floral pattern

cut in strips to hold a bandage in place

halloween costume--go as a ghost

cut in strips to use as a makeshift rope

cut a big strip to use as a tie belt

wrap around your shoes as added protection against dampness or snow

tape a couple together and use as a slip n slide for the kids

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Tie a knot in the ends, attach a length of strong rope to each end, fasten around a couple of adjacent trees to form a small hammock seat, or platform for storing things up off the ground. Should be loose enough to fold over your stuff to keep rain out.
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