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1 year supply per person

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I could use a review and suggestions.

I am setting up 1 year's worth of food per person (Adult). I calculated 2000 calories per day which leads to 730,000 calories per person, per year. I went for long term storage stuff but you should know I am also canning and growing in my BRAND NEW GARDEN! (Yes I am very excited that my garden will very soon be expanded to almost 2 acres)

So, for very basic survival what do you all think of this?

Total calorie needs/person: 730,000 calories per person

White rice: 300 pounds per person (450,000 calories) -$0.3518 per pound ($105.54)

1 cup uncooked rice : 600 calories
2.5 cups per pound : 1500 calories per pound

Pinto Beans: 150 pounds per person: (210,000 calories) - $0.4198 per pound ($62.97)

1 cup uncooked pinto beans : 700 calories
2 cups dry beans per pound : 1400 calories

Black Beans: 25 pounds per person: (34.000) -$0.7952 per pound ($19.88)

1 cup uncooked black beans: 680 calories
2 cups dry beans per pound : 1360 calories

Honey: 5 pounds honey: (6750 calories) - $56.40 per pound ($282.00)

1 cup honey : 1000 calories
1 1/3 cups per pound: 1350 calories

Wheat: 100 pounds per person: (140,000 calories) - $1.00 per pound ( ($100)

1 pound wheat: 1400 calories

Salt: 10 pounds per person - $0.1552 per pound ($1.55)

Sugar: 25 pounds per person - $0. 5796 per pound ($14.43)

Total Estimated food costs per person: $586.37
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This is awesome . . . except I can't see what it includes. Maybe I am just a total moron, but when I go try and look up what is included, I can't seem to find it.

Any ideas what is included?

Also, I found the cost difference. They are planning for 1600 calories per day per person instead of 2000. Recalculated, it is almost a wash but the variety would be good if I could just figure out what the heck is in the buckets. LOL
may be a wash but also keep in mind the cost of those buckets(i believe 6 or 7 gallon) and also the mylar and o2 absorbers they come packed with. all ready to go. those buckets are roughly 10 bucks apiece with lids brand new. plus the maylar and o2 and you have 100 bucks right there in just the storage.

but dont forget the grain mill for grinding...:)
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