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1 year supply per person

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I could use a review and suggestions.

I am setting up 1 year's worth of food per person (Adult). I calculated 2000 calories per day which leads to 730,000 calories per person, per year. I went for long term storage stuff but you should know I am also canning and growing in my BRAND NEW GARDEN! (Yes I am very excited that my garden will very soon be expanded to almost 2 acres)

So, for very basic survival what do you all think of this?

Total calorie needs/person: 730,000 calories per person

White rice: 300 pounds per person (450,000 calories) -$0.3518 per pound ($105.54)

1 cup uncooked rice : 600 calories
2.5 cups per pound : 1500 calories per pound

Pinto Beans: 150 pounds per person: (210,000 calories) - $0.4198 per pound ($62.97)

1 cup uncooked pinto beans : 700 calories
2 cups dry beans per pound : 1400 calories

Black Beans: 25 pounds per person: (34.000) -$0.7952 per pound ($19.88)

1 cup uncooked black beans: 680 calories
2 cups dry beans per pound : 1360 calories

Honey: 5 pounds honey: (6750 calories) - $56.40 per pound ($282.00)

1 cup honey : 1000 calories
1 1/3 cups per pound: 1350 calories

Wheat: 100 pounds per person: (140,000 calories) - $1.00 per pound ( ($100)

1 pound wheat: 1400 calories

Salt: 10 pounds per person - $0.1552 per pound ($1.55)

Sugar: 25 pounds per person - $0. 5796 per pound ($14.43)

Total Estimated food costs per person: $586.37
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That sounds about right, but you can have a bit more variety at the price you came to. A one year supply of food can be bought for $399 here: Y100_A_name_E_YEAR SUPPLY of Grains & Legumes

Fill in with some FD or dehydrated meats, fruits and veggies and I think you've got a winner at about the same price you calculated.
This is awesome . . . except I can't see what it includes. Maybe I am just a total moron, but when I go try and look up what is included, I can't seem to find it.

Any ideas what is included?

Also, I found the cost difference. They are planning for 1600 calories per day per person instead of 2000. Recalculated, it is almost a wash but the variety would be good if I could just figure out what the heck is in the buckets. LOL

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may be a wash but also keep in mind the cost of those buckets(i believe 6 or 7 gallon) and also the mylar and o2 absorbers they come packed with. all ready to go. those buckets are roughly 10 bucks apiece with lids brand new. plus the maylar and o2 and you have 100 bucks right there in just the storage.

but dont forget the grain mill for grinding...:)
Yea I had thought about the Mylar. The buckets I am finding fairly cheap but the Mylar is around $0.85 per bag or so.

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Contents of the Year Supply of Grains and Legumes
Contents: Qty
Hard Red Wheat 2
Hard White Wheat 2
White Rice 2
Regular Rolled Oats 2
Pinto Beans 1
Black Beans 1

"This Year supply of grains and legumes is designed to provide more than the minimum recommended storage amounts of both grains and legumes for one person for a year † 318 pounds of grains and † 82 pounds of legumes. The Year Supply of Grains and Legumes is over 3,900 servings. About 1600 calories per day. "

You'll need to fill in with a few other items to come to 2000cal/day but this is a great start. Btw, shipping is EXTREMELY CHEAP through these guys. I'd bet $20/500 lbs if memory serves. And no tax outside Utah.
Awesome. (Now I have to type more because it said my message was too short)

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White rice is totally inferior to other grains and should be avoided in a low calorie diet, unless the rest of your food leans heavily on vegetables and fruits. And not any kind of vegetables and fruits, they have to be varied.

The only vitamin found in any significant amounts in rice is B6, or pyridoxine. But if you include beans and wheat, you won’t have any lack of B6 anyway. The minerals of significant amounts are zinc and copper, but they are at least twice as abundant in beans and wheat.
So what would you substitute for rice?

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I don’t merely aim to avoid hunger, but also want to prevent malnourishment. The big killer after WTSHTF might not be death by starvation, but possibly more probable death by disease.

Malnourishment makes you susceptible to disease. So prepping without any consideration of dietary balance is taking a huge risk. It is how I started out, however. But when your preps are well under way, I think it is wise to get on with more thought to how you score on vitamins, minerals and protein quality. Variety is of course a point to avoid food fatigue, but can’t take priority over nourishment. But there are other ways take care of food fatigue than to succumb to empty calories…

To build a long term food storage without considering the nutritional pros and cons of the different foodstuffs, is like buying a gun, but forget about the ammunition.

I think much controversy might just be a result of different time frames. If you consider three weeks or months worth of food a decent goal, then just ignore what I have just said. But if you think what might be needed, are food not just to last the three months of bugging in, but also the lost harvest of the first year, and the partially lost harvest of the next due to looting or your own lack of farming skills, then we are talking.
My 1 year per person mark is intended to suffice in the event that TSHTF say late summer forcing me and my family to survive until the following mid summer before crops can really be harvested. As I am hoping to get my garden to a point where it can easily supply us with plenty of vegetables, quinoa, potatoes, etc, plus the chickens can supply eggs and on rare occasions meat, plus I can hunt pretty much anywhere around me (Assuming city folk have not come up and killed everything; but that is a different topic), I should have a fairly varied diet.

I am also beginning to can this year and that would be added to the above list. So I intended this to be my "OH SH%#" stash rather then my, "This is all we need" stash.

Does that make sense?
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