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  1. Shotgun Forum
    What is the best way to clean a nickel plated Winchester 1300 Coastal Marine Defender. i heard some cleaners may ruin the metal surface.thx
  2. Shotgun Forum
    Recently was given a Winch. Ranger 120 12 guage. The barrel is a little long for my taste as I'll be keeping this around the house mostly for home defense and shooting for fun. Does anyone here know of a source for different barrels for this shotgun. It seems that it is a rather obscure gun...
  3. Shotgun Forum
    i have a winchester 1300 defender. it has a 22 inch barrel with rifle sights and not the true glow. my question is i am setting this gun up as a tatical shooter/home defence gun. does anyone know why this gun has a 22 inch barrel and not an 18 inch like all the other ones i see? also would the...
1-3 of 3 Results