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viral plague

  1. Where do you stand as to coronavirus?

    Where do you stand as to coronavirus?
  2. Here we go again - things disappearing like in the first Coronavirus round

    Here we go again - things are disappearing like in the first Coronavirus round. Went to the local dollar general, toilet paper and spray cleaners were getting picked over. Canned goods still plenty in stock. Paper towels still plenty in stock. Last week the side wall was half full of toilet...
  3. Companies not providing employees with PPE

    Why aren't companies providing employees with PPE? If an employee gets sick with Coronavirus, I wonder if workers comp could be held responsible? Even hospitals are not providing nurses with N95 mask. The excuse, the CDC has not recommended medical providers use N95 mask. Went by a big box...
  4. Maybe China released Coronavirus on purpose?

    Maybe China released Coronavirus on purpose? I know this is conspiracy theory territory, but bear with me. China takes a pathogen that has around the same transmission rate as a biological weapon they are working on. As a test run China releases Coronavirus on their own people, then they...
  5. officials investigating possible Chinese laboratory origins of Covid-19

    If they find any evidence supporting that theory, their could be a LOT more S H'ing TF.
  6. Anyone "essential" and still working?

    I'm considered essential, thankfully I retire on the 17th and I'm out of that rat hole I used to call work for good. Management revealed that we have 26 + cases at work so far, between 3 facilities in the NYC area. The 3rd in my building, they tried to hide it from the 2nd shift work force...
  7. Low testing numbers

    Coronavirus If this study is accurate that means we are sitting at roughly 27 million who either have already had this or have it. The disease guys keep saying we need roughly 60% of the population immune before the...
  8. Coronavirus Lockdown Cabin Fever

    Who here is on lockdown? How are you dealing with cabin fever? Since to work in the petrochemical industry so I continue to go to work everyday. However, my wife is home on lockdown. She is starting to face depression from having to stay home. I imagine there are maybe millions of people...
  9. Coronavirus returns after recovery

    Coronavirus Website wont allow cut and past. Coronavirus returns after recovery story.
  10. Dr questions treatment

  11. How Can The Coronavirus Situation Get Worse?

    When trying to solve a difficult problem, one solution is to brain storm how to make the problem worse. We write down ideas how to make the issue worse, then figure out the opposite solution to each suggestion. The opposite solution being a proposed answer. This type of tool is used in forms...
  12. White House Predicts 100,000 to 240,000 Will Die From The Coronavirus In The US

    in the next 2 to 3 weeks. For those of you who think i'm fearmongering, just pass this on by but I think it's important for people to know what's going on and what could possibly happen...
  13. Putin Says A Lot Cases In Moscow

    Ok this is third hand poop gleaned from twater, BUT could it be true??
  14. Golden Horde has started

    I live in rural Maine, today we had our first case of CV-19, a man and his son from Massachusetts came up here to get away from the virus.... Guess what? He was infectious and just tested positive...
  15. The panic in their eyes

    Regardless of what store I go to I see the same thing - people with their eyes wide open grabbing food off the shelves. Their eyes are open wide as if trying to take in every detail. The only time I see this is when a hurricane is approaching. But in this case however, the storm has lasted...
  16. Do we donate?

    I have a partial box of N95 single use masks for working on my army Jeep. I have already set a few aside but do I donate the rest to EMS? We work from home and at this point are ordering online for the foreseeable future. Is any one here helping their local EMS?
  17. Increased security posture due to the outbreak?

    Greetings, Has anybody witnessed or been told about anything occuring that would cause you to increase your armed security posture? What have you done? What would you plan to do? Long gun in vehicle? Open carrying sidearm at home? BOBs ready to depart? Adding motion lights or remote cameras...
  18. QUEENSLAND AUS claiming cure found..

    Coronavirus Coronavirus Australia: Queensland researchers find ‘cure’, want drug trial A team of Australian researchers say they’ve...
  19. "anger in Germany....Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal"

    The Krauts are ****ed!
  20. To all you preppers how do you feel about Trump's handling of America and Reddit?

    Reddit and other social platforms are absolutely bad mouthing him any chance they get and refuse to even listen to his full speech which you can get right on CSPAN which what they do is without commentary drop a camera in political events and you can hear the whole thing from left to right. It...