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usmc ilbe

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    I am officially looking for the biggest my bad boy pack I can find. I currently use an Arytech USMC Ilbe main and assault pack in one. My Ilbe can handle 120 pounds over a long haul. Is there a pack that can haul more weight? I want to...
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    Being new around here I did not want to create a post that had been asked and answered before however, if there is a thread on this it must be buried by now. Here is the showdown: USMC Ilbe vs Hellcat vs Others USMC Ilbe Max Weight: 120 Pounds Rucksack Capacity: 4500 Cu in Assault Pack...
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    Planning a trip to the Appalachian Trail this summer and in mind right now i am thinking about purchasing a Snugpak Rocket Pack for my pack... Does anyone have any experience with this pack, I like the idea of being able to detach the side rockets and use it as a smaller pack. Overall It just...
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    Anyone own one of the 1st generation USMC ILBE backpacks? How are they? Do they have visible external frames? Some pictures of the padding and frame would be nice if anyone has some.