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  1. Financial Forum
    These stupid ideas won't die! Yet another proposed bailout of a mis-managed Union pension plan has been proposed, the Miners' Pension Protection Act. According to the Heritage Foundation, union managed private sector pension plans are in a cumulative hole of $638 Billion, meaning workers were...
  2. Financial Forum
    The Dems are pushing another taxpayer bailout of multi-employer union pension funds. Now they want to create a new Treasury Dept. agency to "lend" interest free money to these unions. All pensions are backed up by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund which is solely funded by employer...
  3. General Discussion
    ... on the unions up there. Not only are they about to quickly pass new anti-union legislation limiting the bargaining power of the state employees, but I just heard, minutes ago actually, that an arrest warrant has been issued for the dozen or so liberal legislators who have been on the lamb...
1-3 of 5 Results