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  1. Discussion on using the military to remove Trump by force if he fails to leave office

    Political News and Discussion Two retired Army officers have written an open letter to Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, basically urging him to mount a military coup if President Donald Trump loses the upcoming...
  2. OMG Is Trump having to go into secluded protection from his enemies?

    Political News and Discussion "I have a lot of rich enemies out there. This might be the last time you'll see me for a while. A lot of very very rich enemies, and they are not happy with what I am doing. "
  3. Is there a tradition Presidents don't go after former Presidents?

    Political News and Discussion Biden says he wont stand in the way of a Trump Prosecution. We saw how far Trump went with locking up Hillary. All bull****. But no surprise with Trump anyway. Is there a tradition Presidents...
  4. Delay the vote until it is safe for people to go to the polls?

    Political News and Discussion
    Trump says Nov election should be delayed. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned whether the 2020 presidential election should potentially be postponed, claiming it could be ripe...
  5. Is Trump burnt out?

    Political News and Discussion
    He seems to be down. Don't hear much from him. Due to virus no campaign stops to rev him up. 4 years of people tearing him down. Civil unrest across the country sponsored by the dems. What do you think?
  6. Does SCOTUS ruling ad more fuel to the fire for Trump dropping out of 2020?

    Political News and Discussion
    From what I've read here, the NY DA can get Trump's taxes and is allowed to prosecute Trump. Prior to the SCOTUS ruling, online news said that Trump was thinking of quitting because of low poll numbers and could be pardoned by Pence as a bonus. The early retirement story because of the polls...
  7. Where are we with The Wall?

    General Discussion
    On 6.29.2020 Hannity says in 126 days we will have 400 miles of wall by election day. Other stats I've recently read online say 3 miles of wall are complete. On 6.29.2020 where are we with The Wall?
  8. This is what the Prez travels with...more or less

    General Discussion
    another video But the vehicle in the entourage may have a bubble on top. Surprisingly the secret service told that to a gal that had asked them what the bubble was for when we watched Trump drive by at an event. I thought it was for radar. But it is all spec in...
  9. Operation Warp long before you would try a vaccine?

    Trump was pushing 'Operation Warp Speed' as the tool to make a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. I don't put much stock in this as America can't even supply virus masks to the country and has to buy them from China. But if Trump is correct and they make a vaccine within 8 months or...
  10. Nancy Pelosi two people away from the nuclear football

    Political News and Discussion
    So over the weekend there was some pretty weird happenings in the White House.....just a brief blurb on President Trump having some type of an emergency meeting with the Joint Chief's and then silence. Oddly enough Covid 19 has made it into the White House which had me wondering if Trump, Pence...
  11. Trump: Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Political News and Discussion
    John Stossel just a video about Trump that does a pretty good assessment. It's only 6 minutes. See what you think.
  12. Judge Rules Against New Immigration Policy

    Political News and Discussion
    This is getting pretty tiring because Trump wins these cases when he takes the issue to a higher, non-partisan court. Another Obama-appointed judge ruled against a new Trump administration immigration policy aimed at people who overstay their visas. Judge permanently blocks another Trump...
  13. Trump makes surprise Afghanistan trip, voices hope for ceasefire

    Political News and Discussion
    Trump makes surprise Afghanistan trip, voices hope for ceasefire :thumb:
  14. Trump having U.S. troops leaving Syria. Thoughts?

    Political News and Discussion
    With Trump pulling U.S. troops out of Syria, earlier today was reading where the Turks have been killing Kurdish prisoners and bombing hospitals. Comments/thoughts?
  15. Continuing Insanity From California

    Political News and Discussion
    There is so much insanity in California legislation that I thought it might be interesting to collect it all in one thread. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation requiring President Trump to publicly release the last 5 years of his tax returns before he can get on the 2020 ballot...
  16. Back to the Tower

    Books, Movies & Stories
    My first attempt at a book on here so give me some time folks and I'll see what magic I can weave. It's different take on the survivalist, prepping scene, but I think you'll like it. Back to the Tower James Howdah I'd only been a boy when the city was built, and the rules were young...
  17. President Trump Stands, Salutes and Shakes Hands with EVERY Air Force Academy Graduat

    Political News and Discussion
    President Trump Stands, Salutes and Shakes Hands with EVERY Air Force Academy Graduate Only a leader does this for whatever his reasons. :thumb:
  18. Blue States Try to Block Trump from 2020 Ballot

    Political News and Discussion
    In the latest delusional move on the part of the Left, they are trying to pass laws requiring presidential candidates to provide several years of tax returns before their name goes on a ballot. There are several problems with this approach: 1. It's a national election. The states do not...
  19. 2020 Referendums

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The coming referendums. 12 Mar 2019 In the 2020 elections there will be two referendums but they will not be referendums on President Trump. There will be a referendum next year in the primaries. This referendum will occur only in democrat elections where it will bring out for public view...
  20. why is it that everyone says Trump is anti 2A

    Political News and Discussion
    Every time I see a post about Trump being against the 2A I ask the poster to explain to me why they say that. I have not got a response back from the first one as of yet. I point out that the only thing Trump has done is to ban Bump Stocks. I want to be perfectly clear, a bump stock is not a...