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  1. Boating and Fishing
    All, What's a good fishing rod and reel combo for a dude who doesn't particularly care for fishing, but needs one around the house...just in case. My old man is big on deep sea fishing and while I enjoy deep sea fishing, I only see myself freshwater fishing in an emergency (so long as there...
  2. Boating and Fishing
    Caught the fish on trout line and the frogs while waiting on the bait to soak
  3. Boating and Fishing
    I have been reading up about trout tickling and checking out some youtube vids since it looks like a great skill to have for when a pole or a trot line aint handy. I went down to the creek today to try it out but unfortunately after all the rain and wind recently the creek was very high and...
  4. Boating and Fishing
    About 7-8 miles from the BOL. Always great fishing because it's so isolated. California still has all I need!:D: Pic 1-last pool to fish before the ascent... Pic 2-gotta get up there! Pic 3-by climbing this! Pic 4-worth the effort! Pic 5-dinner for 5! :thumb: Could have bagged a lot more...
1-4 of 4 Results