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    Scientists create algorithm that ‘identifies future trolls from just five posts’
  2. General Discussion
    Do worms have a concept of life and death? In other words, when a troll is banned, do they have a concept of what has happened?
  3. General Discussion
    If you have wondered who is watching this board and what they think of us then wonder no more. Here is one group: ashling (1000+ posts) Mon Mar-22-10 07:29 PM Original message Hillarity from the...
  4. Site Information & Suggestion Box
    Is this board at risk of being taken over by liberals? I have been a member of survivalist boards for a short time but I keep seeing post that definitely have a liberal slant to them. I have already seen one board fall pray to the libs and was ruined. A bunch of very liberal mods took over...
  5. Controversial News and Alternative Politics This makes sense. Some of the posters here are kind of like tag team with each other to hide the real truth. I understand now even better when some make the statements that they do, and when...
  6. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    First, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and I know this. So, it has taken me a while to see some patterns on here. But, there are some things going on here and I am worried and feel the need to look and watch even closer on some of the members and what they are saying in here. Some of...
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    Who is your favorite troll? Choose now. Are you Ready?