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  1. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Picked up a new plinker :thumb: If only I could find some of that .08 CCI ammo that used to be so prevalent! :) ...anyway, I just wanted brag on my new purchase :cool:
  2. Books, Movies & Stories
    The Leftovers (TV Series 2014 Anyone else like this series :thumb:
  3. The Tech Zone
    I click the thread title - it opens :thumb: I click on my or anyone else's responses - all I get is a blank screen :mad: Also when I receive a e-mail notification and go to it ---- blank screen ?
  4. Edible & Non-Edible Plants
    Although this is may not always be exactly correct, a general rule of thumb when foraging for berries in a survival situation is: Most Red and Blue berries are edible Avoid White or Cream-coloured berries DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT trust this information with your life when you have any...
1-4 of 4 Results