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  1. Australia and New Zealand
    The Coronavirus is in Australia, & expected to peak within the next three months. What preparations are you making if any? What are your plans if the coronavirus gets too close to home or your place of work? Keith.
  2. Australia and New Zealand
    So, how many of you are prepping for these heavy rain storms & expected floods, worst in decades? I hear the people in Ireland are suing their government for inaction on global warming, I wonder if we can do the same? Due to our government being corrupt to the core, we missed the chance of a...
  3. Vehicles, Transportation, & Overlanding
    Can't say i'm wild about the website name, in fact this site came to my attention via a law enforcement threat notification. Whether you might be looking for another way to carry a sidearm while using a motorcycle that uses this type of equipment, or you, like myself just want to stay abreast of...
  4. Urban Survival
    Ok, so a lot of us are into what-if scenarios, gauging threats, how to AVOID attracting attention to ourselves, etc. And yet, over the years, many threads here are about gangbangers, walking around town in your Alice Pack, etc. But what are the sorts of people/behaviors that are...
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    How can it be that the FBI is thinking that Hackers pose more of a threat than terrorists? I first heard this on the morning news today. I think with the world dependancy on computers now days is very scary. I am so sick of hearing about this "paperless society" If we depend more and more on...
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    You might be a wolf if: -you think a major disaster is a good opportunity for you to get some new stuff. -you know you don't have to prepare for anything b/c you can alway go get some food from your neighbor. -you carry a gun, but only in case someone makes you mad. -you don't know how to...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Some of you may be aware of the growing tension between the USA and Communist China. Human rights issues. Increasing evidence the Chinese military is launching cyber attacks via the Internet. Tensions about Taiwan. China claims it is part of red China. The Chinese are exerting increasing...
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    THE UK threat level was raised to "Severe" which means that an attack on UK Soil is highly likely. For the UK to do this is rare. What possible intelligence or world events could have empowered them to make such a rash desicion? Any comments please?
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This is a definition of vigilante justice. As most of us know, we are likely to encounter vigilante justice in the absence or partial collapse of our law and judicial systems. Some of us have experienced or heard of this in historical...
  10. Urban Survival
    I spent some time living on the streets to see if my gun of choice for urban survival would really prove itself and it did. Before I grabbed a few items and threw them in my pack I set out with my new Marksman 2004 pistol. The manufacturer claims it fires a .177 Caliber at 410fps and I would say...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Go to The Global Incident Map to see up-to-date news about suspicious activity, terrorist plots and the like, all over the world. It makes very good use of the world map and can help us extrapolate and predict what can, and will eventually happen in North America. SgtPepper
1-11 of 16 Results