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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    http:// Country music festival. A lot of rounds fired. A liberal? Trump Hater? Hates white people?
  2. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Marawi, Philippines currently under control of the Maute group (a Daesh inspired group) this is currently developing situation. The significant of this crisis that this is the first South East Asia city that has fall under the control of any Daesh related group, and although I hate to saying...
  3. Books, Movies & Stories
    Ya'll gotta check this book out, especially today. Just finished this book that Someone I go to church with recommended- snapped it up on Amazon for short money... Talk about survival, this chick got blown up at the boston marathon and lost her leg..... true story to boot, pretty crazy and...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama So tell us again president otard how the Iran nuclear deal was a preventive measure? :rolleyes:
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    The lefties and liberals continue to eat crow regarding the RTKBA. And...
  6. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Daily Caller comments on seven threats to our power grid. "American homes, industries, and businesses are deeply dependent on reliable electricity, so threats to the consistent delivery of electricity put modern life...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Why have we heard nothing in MSM about this? Arizona man allegedly planned to blow up Super Bowl stadium, mall Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem charged with support of Islamic State group, planning attacks on civilians...
  8. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Anyone not see this coming? how many of the tens of thousands entering the US have plans of terrorism?
  9. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Tell us something we do not know. We have already seen how many terrorist slip right through the safety nets? Didn't the boston bombers go to Russia or the middle east...
  10. Firearms General Discussion
    Here's the scenario. You're in a public place with your family when you hear gunshots as your walking around a corner. The first thing you see is a man in his twenties holding a gun scanning towards your direction. You notice a body on the ground but you cannot tell if they are armed as you...
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  12. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    "These are grim thoughts, expressed because it is impossible to imagine any other outcome of Iran’s rise. It remains the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism and supports Hezbollah and Hamas and now the Houthis in Yemen. As for Iranian influence in Iraq, one analyst is calling Suleimani, the...
  13. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    The political effects and aspects of the Ebola Virus are many. In an effort to provide a place for the discussion of those political aspects, we are opening this thread. The moderators hope it will assist you in your discussion of the Ebola outbreak.
  14. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Drones (commonly referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by the US military) have been indispensable in the recent Global War on Terror. Drones as we know them have been used for decades. The ability to survey or assault an objective with no danger to pilots is a brilliant one, in my opinion...
  15. Manmade and Natural Disasters As far as I can tell there are about 17 forest fires/wild fires going on in the U.S. at this time. What is strange that there isn't any fires being reported across the globe. Now that in itself isn't the problem as other countries may not report fires...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Interesting Read. It wouldn't surprise me either as American's become complacent.
1-16 of 72 Results