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  1. Financial Forum
    Interesting article (full text at link). This puts the choices that face us more succinctly than most other articles that I've read. One of the largest problems that faces the Tea Party, I think, is the need to convince Americans that a balanced...
  2. General Discussion
    so here we are. doing what is not popular will make your a terrorist. Biden: Tea partiers like 'terrorists' one day soon, the defenders of the us constitution will be deemed as terrorists. ......... it might be happening now.
  3. General Discussion
    I was planing on attending the Tea Party in Dallas this Wednesday. I even had the slogan for my sign ready: Not MY President! Not MY Debt! Last night when I advised my wife that I would not be home this Wed. evening because of the rally, she reminded me that since I have just initiated legal...
1-3 of 15 Results