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tactical training
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  1. General Discussion
    Assuming this is not illegal.... If I knew there was someone with military or Law Enforcement tactical training involved and I knew they were who they said they were.....I would love to get together with some like minded folks and do some free-lance tactical training. Obviously it would have...
  2. The Tech Zone
    I know everyone ragged on Call of Duty for its unrealistic portrayal of combat. But in many of your hearts, i know deep down you wish there was a game that really did simulated combat. Want a game where every person has their squad and assigned duties like scouts, squad leaders, medics, heavy...
  3. Shotgun Forum
    I found these videos that I think are very helpful to what we survivalist may encounter. I was an Army Ranger and I did not receive shotgun training nearly as detailed as this. In my personal set up I run 4 shot loaded with 00 buck attached to the side. I start with 4 shot because I think...
1-3 of 3 Results