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swine flu

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    Seems that scientists world-wide are concerned about the unique ability this H1N1 virus has of picking up other genetic material from other flu viruses - Researchers here in Memphis at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (one of the top 5 influenza research centers in the world) say they are...
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    WHO: Up to 2 billion people might get swine flu GENEVA – Up to 2 billion people could be infected by swine flu if the current outbreak turns into a pandemic lasting two years, the World Health Organization said Thursday. WHO flu chief Keiji Fukuda said the historical record of flu pandemics...
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    Tennessee is to begin in-state H1N1 testing by Thursday of this week and it is reported that they expect the number of cases to "surge" as a result of quicker turn-around time of sample testing. They report 20 probable cases in the state so far in Davidson, Shelby, Knox and Williamson...
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    1st US Resident to die: Woman in Cameron County, Texas, along the border:,2933,519021,00.html -
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    I've been into emergency preparedness, which includes Pandemic preparedness now for over 4 years. I have group of people that ask me what I think, and I tell them. Once in a while, I'll encounter someone that simply says that I am a "Fear Monger". This occurred last week when I created a...
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    I am in NE Ohio, and Thursday night, I started losing my voice. Friday it got a bit worse, but still was my only symptom. Friday night, I started getting a dry cough, chills, severe leg/muscle cramps/aches from my thigh to my calf to my foot, a low grade 99.8 fever and a runny nose. I called...
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    Being reported this morning on FoxNews: Swine Flu May Have Originated In California Excerpt:
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    more here: Memphis: Nashville:
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    How affective would colloidal silver be for treating the swine flu? Does anyone have a good tutorial for making your own?
  10. Manmade and Natural Disasters May the Lord Bless us. Lowdown3
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    LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County coroner's office is investigating the recent deaths of two men for links to swine flu. Los Angeles Coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey told the Los Angeles Times that a hospital in Bellflower reported the death of a 33-year-old Long Beach man who was brought in...
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    This is disturbing to say the least: In flu crisis, US has planned for the worst By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR and EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press Writers Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar And Eileen Sullivan, Associated Press Writers – 1 hr 47 mins ago WASHINGTON – If the Mexico swine flu becomes a...
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    This is a more precise global map for the latest outbreak of Swine Flu. It shows confirmed and unconfirmed cases (subject to medical tests).,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5
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    Perhaps something to watch here -,2933,517640,00.html 7 people diagnosed with swine flu in TX, CA - only some in contact with each other and none in contact with swine.