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  1. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I have been experimenting with growing some Beauregard sweet potatoes, this summer. They came in slips and I was wondering, what is to stop me from just plucking off a part of the vine and starting new slips? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm sure I can get the vine to grow, but...
  2. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Uggh! My garden space is awful, really. I never put the tomato cages away, the trellis I built for beans and birdhouse gourds is still hanging with old vines. Corn fodder, tomato vines, sweet potatoes hills, Oh my! :o: My troy tiller blew up and it just took the wind out of my sails, so to...
  3. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Hi Y'all; Does anyone know if it's too late to start sprouting sweet potatoes for March planting? :)tamilee
1-3 of 3 Results