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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The Red Cross recommends: Water – one gallon per person per day; Food—non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home) Ok, so maybe you want to stretch it out a little further just to feel extra prepared...maybe 3 months worth of food. But, WHY in the...
  2. Food and water
    Just curious to know if anyone has ever made their own MRE's....just the entre' not the entire meal with all the extras. I was thinking that you could make something on the order of Beaf stew or similar and pour it into a small....say 5x8" mylar bag,squeeze out as much as as possible,then seal it.
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I know about Sam's and Costco. What I thought would be nice if people listed local sources of bulk foods and grains with general location in the Title box ( Like Atchison Kansas or Montpelier Idaho). I normally stop at Walton's when I travel out west. I have been able to build up a nice...
  4. Food and water
    Ok I ordered Some mylar and 02 absorbers... After I Fill The Mylar and drop in The absorber Should I get most of the Air Out before sealing? Any Vids On Useing Mylar on Here I looked for some... Thanks Dave
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am new to the survival prep attitude. But have came a long way in a short few weeks. I went to the store and started paying attention to dates, and other things in our food chain. On this forum someone said he/she would rather die than eat spam!:xeye: I do not understand why anyone would...
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hello, I am working on storing some rice, beans, etc. in mylar bags and buckets. Is it recommended to freeze the food before storing so as to prevent bug hatches? When I lived in Japan, rice beetles would often hatch in my bags of rice if I didn't eat it fast enough. I know you can just submerge...
  7. Food and water
    Don’t want to stockpile 1,000 pounds of dried rice and beans? Want something that taste a little better then MREs? Want something that you don’t have to worry about rotating out? One of the main problems with stockpiling survival food preps, is that people sometimes stockpile what they do not...
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have been looking online for MRE type food to store in case of emergency and have found nothing more than #10 cans which must be eaten once open within 7 days and food that must be heated. Any one know of individual packaged foods that are dehydrated, freeze dried and ready to eat by just...
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Ever break down an mre and keep the good stuff? What do you keep? What do you get rid of? (And I don't mean throw away)
  10. Food and water
    Hey, I eat a lot of pasta to fuel my weightlifting and am wondering how long this stuff lasts. I'd like to get a big amount of it and just rotate it. Anyone here using dry uncooked pasta for LTS?
  11. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Happened to be in Wallyworld today and drifted thru the sporting goods section. Every peg that normally holds the MH food was empty. Not one item left. I asked the clerk about it, and he said they are having a hard time getting it in. Anyone else noticing this in their areas?
  12. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Ok ive been here a little while and it seems like everyone (or a lot of you ) like to put a lot of dry beans in buckets i know that they store well and have a lot of protein but im wondering how many of you could actually eat them everyday before goin absolute nuts and start knawing at your own...
  13. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I’m sure this has been covered here before, but I haven’t found the thread yet so I’ll ask it here. Living in an apartment complex in a town sandwiched between NYC & Phil. I’d be limited on an alternative food sources (hunting, gardening) to get by on for a few weeks/months in a natural...
1-13 of 13 Results