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  1. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    There are two types of PESSK kits the ENE'er should carry on them if they are lucky enough to be able to access all their gear when the hammer has dropped. I suspect most of us wont be in the right place when this happens..The list and pictures below can give you a general idea of the items you...
  2. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I revised my older PSK which fit into a small Eclipse can which is even smaller than an Altoids tin. I have to shamefully admit that I was caught up into the whole pack as much as you can as small as you can. I know the philosophy that if its not small you wont carry it but the amount of time...
  3. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Anyone who have a survival kit/bag i would like to know what u have in it and what it looks like.PLEASE INCLUDE PICTURES.I dont have my pics here because my camera broke so i will get it here as soon a possible
  4. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    This is a kit that I carry just about anytime I leave a vehicle and take off on foot reguardless of how long I plan to hunt, fish or hike. Here is a partial list of items that are carried in the day hip pack that weighs in just under 8 lbs. not including a 2 quart canteen of water. I aways...
1-4 of 4 Results