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survival gear for teotwawki

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    Hello guys and gals! Hope everyone is doing great! The point of this posting today is to get some ideas of what I need to buy to further my prepping stockpiles. I am on deployment so I am making tax free money yayyy! So I will have a little extra to throw to my supplies. My problem is that I am...
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    I am new here, so I will begin by asking one question. If you could pick one piece of gear, what would it be? For this to work, you can not repeat posts. The point of this exercise is to prioritize gear in a BOB, so your cooperation would be appreciated.
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    - Nail clippers and Nail file...knives and scissors are fine but its so much easier with the right tools. - Bagbalm or something similar... Imagine yourself doing some manual labor and working up a sweat... your thighs rub together and cause a rash in the nether regions... wouldnt it be nice to...
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    Today I did some research on heirloom seeds and passed the info on, to some friends. Also will be hitting the pool to get the exercise in. Will be reading my survival manual during my down time tonight. Prepping can be quite overwhelming to beginners, but doable in bite sized pieces. It...