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    Went to a Gun Show at the scott town ship firehall in PA. Bought a probably* canadian canteen with cover. Fairly clean om the inside, just needs some minor work. On the far right is a Elk Antler whistle I bought from a native american. He tends to show up at alot of the gun shows in my...
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    This weekend Springfield, Mo hosts one of the largest Preparedness Expositions in the nation. Ought to be some great info and interesting "stuff". Anyone else attending? I'll be the guy in the John Deere hat.
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    By: Alan Stang Here we are, a couple of weeks before the election, and I must confess I am in awe at the staggering genius of the conspiracy for world government. The conspirators strategize not just in years, but in decades. We are looking at the culmination of a scheme that obviously was...