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  1. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Well I planted a bunch of pinto beans and they are just finishing flowering and instill don't know when to harvest I know the beans will be in the pods but i want to store them
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Like most of us here I have lots of stored white rice and dried beans. I have several variety of beans, black beans, red beans, lima beans etc. I have been experimenting with different ways to "spice" up this combination of what will no doubt be a very common SHTF meal. Adding soy sauce...
  3. Food and water
    I'm looking to begin some long term food storage and I have a few questions. I'm looking to store rice and beans. Reading up on various sites has storage using dry ice. Do I have to use dry ice or can I use oxygen absorbers? As far as mylar bags where can I get them? K-Mart, Costco/BJ...
1-3 of 3 Results