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  1. Urban Survival
    I just got my gas stores up and in the prep rotation (as much as allowed by LA city laws and my insurance policies)...YAY! Few quick questions: Is there an issue of storing gas in plastic versus metal containers? For a storage location, I've got them in the garage corner furthest away from...
  2. Urban Survival
    What is the safest way to store gasoline? I read about a family who was stockpiling it last summer when gas prices were at like $5.00/gal, and blew up their home. What about propane? I have about five tanks already for my grill. All I need to do is get them filled up, but I have a family and...
  3. Urban Survival
    does any one have some good idead or tips for storing gasoline? i was thinking in 55 gallon drums but i dont want it to go bad from siting to long.
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    We want to start filling up 5gal cans of gas and storing them. Primarily so we can evacuate if need be without having to deal with gas lines/shortages- we can just get the heck outta dodge, iykim. Does gas go bad? Is there a certain way it should be stored? I don't really want 50 gallons of gas...
  5. Urban Survival
    (This is part of a post from one at Ms Survival) Gasoline can degrade over time. That can lead to a number of problems, ranging from hard starting, to rough running, to no starting at all. Here's Why Unlike crude oil, gasoline is a highly refined product brewed to a certain chemical...
21-25 of 25 Results