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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    There have been many discussions on this site around burying or storing ammo or food and even money. I've been working with burying techniques for years so I thought that I would make a short video that instructs on how to use PVC pipe and Argon or nitrogen gas. It's a technique used by the...
  2. Food and water
    There are dozens of sources for Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Food. And that doesn't even count all the private labeling. ASSUMING good packaging for long term storage, limited use of salt and no MSG and other flavor and texture enhancers, has anybody done a taste test comparing brands? I...
  3. Food and water
    Hello all, I'm sorry if this topic has been posted before - admittedly I did not dig through the threads much. :taped: I have a question regarding the storage of can goods. Today, I purchased several tins of smoked herring. I noticed when I got home that the tins were noticeably cold/cool to...
1-3 of 42 Results