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stockpiling rice

  1. Whats your long term food storage list?

    Food and water
    Hey guys. I'm obviously new here, but I've been researching long term food storage and am up to date on most of the basic techniques for doing so. I'm in the planning stages of getting my food ready. I have to acquire my buckets and pick and store the foods that I want to keep until I get...
  2. form of rice

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Is plain rice as opposed to rice mixes (like rice a roni) preferrable? I know the cost is lower, yet I always read that we should serve what our family is used to. There's also the issue of convenience of a rice mix. Storage of smaller mixes is also a factor. I looked in the forum, but...
  3. Brown rice storage test

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This didn't start out intentionally to be a test... I stored some brown rice BEFORE I had read about the problems with brown rice going bad because of the oils/fats in it that white rice doesn't have. So, instead of redoing the storage (it wasn't that much rice; I was just starting...
  4. A question about storing dehydrated food

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    So lets say I am going to fill up my dehydrator with some veggies and when they are done I place them in a zip-loc bag, after squeezing out all of the air. So this method gives me a year or so of storage time? What if I was to place multiple zip-loc bags inside of a Mylar bag with an Oxygen...
  5. New to Prepping, Need Advice on Food Storage

    Food and water
    So, I'm pretty new to long-term prepping. We've done a few things around the house to help with some basics. Now I'm looking at long-term food storage, and would really like some help. And when I say long-term food storage, I'm referring to storing food that will last about 20 years when it's...
  6. Feed a family of four for a year on $300

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Found this on another site. Sounds like solid advice and is similiar to what we have done. Your opinion?
  7. Cheap Foods to Stock Up On

    Financial Forum
    List as many foods that you would consider cheap, common, and easy to preserve if perishable. :thumb:
  8. An observation on oatmeal and ammunition

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am not trying to be a fear monger, nor incite worry or panic. This is "just" an observation. Last night my wife and I made a trip to the local walmart. We live in a rural area where its buy from walmart, or drive 100 miles, or mail order. While my wife and I were at walmart I wanted to...
  9. Fundamental foods survivalist should focus on

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    When survivalist start stockpiling food, we buy #10 cans and usually store food in mylar bags. Lets say we had to focus on certain foods, what would those foods be? How do we decide which foods we should focus on? Lets narrow our selections to how easy the food is to grow, how well it...
  10. learned my lesson - rice weevils :(

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am a modest prepper, but I did have a few bags of rice and a bunch of other dried goods. Never saw any bugs or things in my house...then a few weeks ago..rice weevils in a bag. Musta came from the store. So I had to throw out 3x20lb bags of rice and then i found them in my bags of flour and...
  11. how much rice in gallon mylar bag

    Food and water
    I got 20 mylar bags that i need to fill. I am new to this mylar bag business. Would a 25 lb bag of rice fill all 20 bags? I'm not sure the gallons to lbs ratio. BTW I do have O2 obsobers.
  12. Storing Rice...Enriched rice?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hello Folks, in reading the various threads during the last few months, i know I read something about rice storage and I saw something about not storing enriched rice. I've used the search function and can't seem to find it. Is there some reason not to store enriched rice? Isn't most rice...
  13. Price of rice might be going down

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Iraq has decided to buy rice from India, instead of buying from the US. Haiti, which usually only buys rice from the US is looking at cheaper options.,8599,2107531,00.html If you are looking to stockpile rice, keep an eye on the prices. The time to...
  14. Storing rice?

    Food and water
    I have watched the Doomsday Preppers show since they started. I noticed everyone is storing massive amounts of rice. Some hundreds of pounds of rice. Doesn't rice go bad if kept too long? Especially brown rice.
  15. Any quick hints on some food stuffs to buy ($500)

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Before work tomorrow(afternoon), I will be hitting Sams,Save-A-Lot, etc before going to the BOL for the weekend and have $500 to blow on foodstuffs/pantry items. What would you suggest? Any quick hints? Right now I have about 200 cans of various veggies, sauces,tuna, etc. I also have 100lbs, of...
  16. freeze dried/ dehydrated, how to start

    Food and water
    Hey, I was thinking of getting a 3-month supply of freeze-dried or dehydrated food, like this, when I can save some money: It would be reassuring to me, because I have a big family, and this would last a long time (25 years...
  17. The Overlooked Food Thread

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    So I know we miss alot of foods here especially native foods that have been long overlooked. It would be nice if we could have a thread where all of these foods are discussed in the thread. Please avoid any comments to this thread unless you are adding a different food or giving relevant...
  18. Is this Food Order a Good Deal?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I can buy the following for $500.00. It is stored in twelve food grade 5 gallon buckets. Inside each bucket is a mylar bag, vacuum sealed with the dry food inside. Reportedly this has a 30 year shelf life. Contents: 1. 100 lbs of rice 2. 70 lbs of beans 3. 70 lbs of couscous 4. 70 lbs of...
  19. Storing Food Questions

    Food and water
    Hello all. I am new to this forum, however I have been into Self-Reliance/Survivalists for about 3 years now. I have questions about storing food and thought that maybe you all can help. I have a number of #10 cans I purchased online of a variety of foods. I have opened a few to test them...
  20. Mylar,LTS,help!!

    Food and water
    I will be buying a lot of LTS within the next week or two. I need help in knowing what I need. Most I am getting for the LDS cannery, plus corn at a local feed store and yes it is for human consumption. Here is basically what I am buying: 200 lbs pinto beans 200 lbs wheat 100 lbs non-fat dry...