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stockpiling beans

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    Ok, I used the search feature, and to my suprise I could not find a single source to buy bulk beans. I found plenty of threads about storing said beans, but none on where to buy them in the first place. When I went through my personal SHTF last year, I survived on stocks I made for Y2K. A large...
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    So with all this talk of storing your rice, beans, and wheat, There isnt much on how to cook em up. So.....what are some of your fav SHTF recipes using, of course, you rice, beans, and wheat?
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    Most of the time it seems when I read about beans it's about Pinto beans. I have already finsihed my stores of pinto beans but I recently cooked up some black beans and really liked them. The entire family loved them, I soaked them over night and boiled them for about 1 hours 1/2....they were...
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    I'm new at cooking dried beans - I've used the canned versions for years in my chili, but have never cooked dried beans until yesterday. I bought a package of dried red kidney beans and was very excited about trying them out. I was going to buy beans in large 25lbs bags and pack them in mylar...
  5. Food and water
    Some people say yes some say no. My opinion is you could live a very long time on rice and beans alone. And if you could manage to throw in some broths and veggies you could live a very long healthy life on this. Other cultures have proven this. What are your opinions?
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    Can someone tell me how to cook dry beans? Do I soak them for 12 hrs in cold water first, change the water, then simmer them? Simmer for how long? Do I bring to a boil first before simmering? Last time I tried this they came out rather hard.
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    I want to add beans to my stash of food. I am building an emergency stock pile of food. I did the math and a 50lb bag of rice will provide 100 days or so of carbs. A 1.25 gallon bottle of veg oil will provide about 100 days worth of fats. An 8 lb can of peanut butter along with the rice...
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    Question, after SHTF and we start using our food sticks, how do we keep them preserved when they are stored in bulk, like 5 gallons at a time? Right now, I am out of work, and finishing off my stores from Y2K. I only have soup beans and barley left. When I stored them originally I bought lots...
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    I'm looking to begin some long term food storage and I have a few questions. I'm looking to store rice and beans. Reading up on various sites has storage using dry ice. Do I have to use dry ice or can I use oxygen absorbers? As far as mylar bags where can I get them? K-Mart, Costco/BJ...
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    Everyone says to stock up on beans and rice for good reason such as cheap, ease of storage and length of time they can be stored, etc. But what if you aren't a big bean eater? I'm sure that in a must eat situation I could learn to love beans, but lets face it, the side effects could really alter...
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    Question: While one can buy bulk beans cheaper, I may also start buying five or so pounds of beans each time I go to the grocery store (which would be about fifteen pounds a week). These would be in 1 or 2 pound bags, generally. Eventually, I'd have enough to fill a pail. From what I've read...
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    I've seen bugs in rice and flour, but I've never seen bugs in beans. Anyone gets bugs in their legumes? I'm thinking of storing a coupe of 5 gallon pails of different types of beans still in their original bags, and wondering if this is ok? I'll be using these beans within a year, so they'll...
  13. Food and water
    If I stick rice, beans, or other dry goods in the freezer for a couple of weeks right after I buy them to kill off any bugs that may be in them, do I still need to worry about using o2 absorbers when I put them in long term storage?
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    Seed catalogs about with descriptions of 'delicious' this and 'tasty' that, but what are the best beans to grow in your experience/opinion? I'm especially interested in beans for dry storage, not just strings or limas.
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    Hi all, Just wanted to get some opinions on the best type of beans for storage. I'm mainly interested in beans for rice and beans. Plus, I've read a few things about getting beans that will sprout. Any suggestions there? I don't know much about beans other than my local PA BBQ has rice and...
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    What type of beans are the best to store? Taking into account nutrition, And the time it takes to cook them.