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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    Stockpiling 223 Remington for a long term SHTF situation would you pick golden bear or prvi partizan. Both are priced about the same. Which is the most accurate and reliable? Golden bear 62 grain is hollow point. I could use hollow point to round out my 223 remington hunting ammo stockpile...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    I know talking about .223 for SHTF is wrong. I thought that perhaps lower pressure levels might extend the life of the AR. Is there any .223 ammo out there worthy of complimenting a 5.56 stockpile?
  3. Rifle Forum
    First, yes I did search this topic but didn't come up with the information I needed. This is specific about ar15 ammo. Just wondering how much of this ammo should be stockpiled. I would think since this ammo is light weight and can be used with high capacity magazines, so one would need the...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    Just wondering what the AR owners out there are stockpiling for ammo? .223 or 5.56?
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    While stockpiling survival gear for a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation, I think it is important to pause, review, and then move forward. It does no good to stockpile the same thing over and over, while overlooking other essential preps. The changing of the seasons, a new year, or every 3 –...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    not sure if this is the correct place to put this thread but just as the title states where is the best place to buy .223/5.56 ammo right now? looking to spend in the 3/350$ range right now.
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    Does anyone know what the deal is with the price of the Lake City 5.56 Green Tip 62 gr ammo?. About 3 months ago I bought two of the 420rds W/metal Ammo cans or $145.00 each from S&G ammo, a deal like that around still or are those deals gone for good or should I just sit it out and wait...
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    Who knows. If Bo has anything to do with it he will tax the crap out of ammo importing to begin with. That'll make the foriegn stuff real expensive real fast. (of course that's what the idea) If shtf I expect .22 to be the most expensive the fastest. I'm banking on ammo being the currency. It...
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    How many rounds do you have, in what caliber, for when the SHTF? I just picked up 2,000 of .223, and 200 .40 S&W yesterday. It prolly brings my total up to 4-5,000 I guess. But a lot of them are for my hunting gun arsenal (.300 Win Mag, 30-06, .308, .243, .257 Weatheby Mag, .22 LR) and pistol...
  10. Military Weapons Forum
    Does anyone have proof that it is, "Bad", for you to run 5.56 in a firearm chambered in .223?
  11. Firearms General Discussion
    Last weekend I was at a buddies house, and we were talking about stockpiling 223, 7.62x39, 308,,,,, various types of ammunition. I told my buddy that I was stockpiling Monarch 223 and Monarch 7.62x39 from academy sports and outdoors. Its steel cased ammo, but it only cost $4.89 for a box of...
  12. Military Weapons Forum
    Hey folks. Saw at Wally-World the other day they have .223 Tulammo for $4.97 per 20. I know it's not as a good a deal something online but in a pinch it's probably the best deal I can get locally. Here's my question: Does your AR run it? If so, what problems, if any, have you encountered? If...
  13. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Folks- what is an acceptable amount of ammo to store? I've got 600 rounds of 115 gr. 9mm. and 400 of 223 for a mini 14 and very little for the two .357. Ones a ruger security six ( 1976). and a s&W 686 . Thanks in advance.
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    My local range doesn't allow FMJ and there's no other feasible place for me too shoot. I like to shoot my rifles and sight them in with the ammo I intend to use. My problem is that I'd like to buy bulk ammo, but HP or soft point is substantially more expensive than FMJ. Do you guys think it...
  15. Firearms General Discussion
    Yesterday I went to bi-mart in the Salem,Oregon area and found a 100box of ammo for 32.97,did I get a good deal or am I just amazed because in Alaska the same box of American eagle is about 40.00 a box.
  16. Military Weapons Forum
    I went out last weekend to buy .223 ammo. Everywhere I went .223 FMJ were all but sold out. The Armory in Mequite had maybe 20 boxes of American Eagle 5.56 Tactical (they looked like reloads) for $10 a box. Walmart-no .223. Academy--I got literally the last box of Monarchs for 5.87 a box...
1-16 of 16 Results