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    This hasn't been made into law, but more lining up the ducks as underfunded public pension plans show financial cracks...
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    So over the years I have become a bit fascinated State Government Auction Lots... In NY for example they were auctioning off 4 large human Morgue freezers. Other things that I found were Walk-in kitchen freezers, refrigerators, and the like. I did purchase a large lot of Printers, Computers...
  4. Controversial News and Alternative Politics;_ylt=Aosro1cDvqzGNyHWg7lEHJDxMJA5;_ylt=Aosro1cDvqzGNyHWg7lEHJDxMJA5 great local cops with access to every ones mail twitter etc. also seen were they are testing cell phone jammers for prisons.
  5. Events, Connections and Get togethers
    Anyone in Washington State that would be interested in forming a survival group or network? I am looking for one myself. Anyone know of anybody up here that I could hook up with?
  6. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    So, I work for a school that is state run. We got a memo this week stating that as per Gov. Richardson, we're now going to start "conserving" and that spending cuts were being made. Conserving means that we have to not only turn off all of our lights/comps etc. when we go home, but every time...
  7. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    So let's count, how many RFID's are already in each state's driver's license. North Carolina has implemented RFID in 2007. They also acknowledge the NAU symbol on the back of the license. I have "disabled" my chip. Some licenses may already have the RFID in them that may be hard to find. Just...
  8. Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    For rifle deer hunting in Texas can anybody recommend any good spots?