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  1. Communications
    Frequency Lists for SHTF Survivalist Radio Communications and Preppers SHTF Survivalist Radio Frequency List, Wallet size (Print) SHTF Survivalist Radio Frequency List, Large size (Print) SHTF Survivalist Radio Frequency List === BAND === | CHAN. | FREQUENCY MHZ| NOTES ============ |...
  2. Communications
    I've already had a few situations where I've been out of touch with the world. I work at sea. We had a few times were internet would go down. Once this combined with other problems such that only one sat phone worked - this was then reserved just for work purposes. Friends and family weren't...
  3. Communications
    During the CQ WW this weekend, On a 1/2λ dipole set up as an inverted V, I made the following QSO's; Galapagos, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay. Since this was my first time on HF, and on a homemade antenna, with 25w SSB I think i didn't do too bad. The radio was an old Realistic HTX-100 10m ssb/cw...
1-3 of 3 Results