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  1. Knives, Swords & Axes
    Hey ya'll Got a question. I've found SOG knives on 40% off. Worth it? I'm looking at the NW Ranger or the Tsunami, fixed blade, sheath knives. I have a flash 2 and its ok, prefer my CS ti-lite or voyager... Any advise would be good! Thanks
  2. Knives, Swords & Axes
    I'm thinking of purchasing the SOG seal pup elite. What I wanted to know is this... do all seal pup and elites have the TiNi blades or do just some AND if not, what is special about the TiNi blades? Is it just a type of finish, does it make the blade stronger, does it keep it from rusting?...I...
  3. Knives, Swords & Axes
    I am looking to buy an SOG Seal Pup Elite for my wife's bug out bag. She has small hands, and I have heard that this knife is good for small hands. The knife comes in two styles -- one with a partially serrated blade and one unserrated. My question is this: will the partially serrated blade be...
  4. Knives, Swords & Axes
    I am looking at the sog seal pup elite ( strait edge) and a cold steel SRK. I cant make up my mind Both knives seem really tough...i saw a cold steel SRK for the first time and really liked the way it felt and well..i liked everything about it aside from the " Japan" stamped into the base of...
1-4 of 4 Results