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  1. Let's play a game: Pick the firearms for my hunting / camping trip

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Planning a hunting / camping trip on some public hunting lands on a local river. Area is a mix of pine, oak, sweet gum... etc. Will be hunting small and medium sized game. This means rabbit, squirrel, deer, and wild pigs. Pick two guns for my trip: Remington 700 bolt action in 280...
  2. Sks firing pin help

    Rifle Forum
    So I have a yugo sks that I had for years . I clean my bolt after every range sesh. The last time I went I noticed that the furring pin was protruding out on the last round. After field stripping the rifle I noticed it was stuck foward. When I got home I cleaned out the bolt and found some...
  3. Russian SKS Harded To Find?

    Arg...typo in title :( For most of this year so far, Cabela's was sold out of the SKS and so was Wholesale Sports. I was told by a man at the gun counter from Wholesale that they probably won't be getting anymore because the Russian sanctions are making them harder to find. The Canadian...
  4. 922r musings...

    Military Weapons Forum
    So there I was, two days after Christmas, a new SKS before me. A couple of our Simonovs are already modernized with synthetic stocks, detachable mags, etc. I know there are many of you out there who would give me a lecture about keeping the sks platform stock because it's "good as it is". I set...
  5. In NY looking for sks

    Looking For - Want To Buy From Vendors
    I live outside Syracuse I post and lurk on here. Looking for my next gun. Pm me here or I shared a link-- , Shared from @Browser...
  6. SKS in a bullpup stock

    Military Weapons Forum
    I've had a Chinese Sks with detachable mags in a polymer stock for a few years now. My only gripe is that its a bit longer than I would prefer. I recently came across a bullpup stock conversion kit that I thought looked pretty cool. It also knocks about 1ft. off the total length of the rifle...
  7. If you had a kid like this...

    General Discussion
    The latest tomfoolery of me any my lit'lun. She made the mistake of saying she was bored, something I don't approve of kids complaining about. So, I told her to get into full battle rattle and prep for some training. I recorded some of what followed...
  8. ProMag 30rd SKS Magazines?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I have read a great many negative reviews about the 30 round polymer SKS magazines that ProMag produces. I don't know whether or not they had designs flaws in the past which have been rectified in newer products, or whether it was operator error that caused the malfunctions reported. My family...
  9. Mosin Nagants Going to shoot up in price?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I remember the days when SKS's were 100$ per. Now they are between 400-500$. Do you think the Mosin Nagants will follow this Surplus Trend?
  10. SKS bolt will not hold open

    Military Weapons Forum
    I recently bought a norinco SKS and found a 30 round steel magazine, made by usa magazines. The magazine runs fine, but it will not hold the bolt open, it looks as if it should, but it doesn't. Does anyone else have one of these magazines, if so, did you have this problem and how did you fix it?
  11. Should I sell or keep these

    Military Weapons Forum
    Question for everyone. I have a wasr10 and a sks and about 4000 rounds of ammo for them. My question is should I sell them to buy another ar15 and or ammo. I already have 3 ars with optics. I also have plenty of shotguns pistols bolt action rifles and ammo for them. I never shoot the ak or...
  12. Tapco SKS vs. VZ.58

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey all, so I'm getting my PAL/RPAL license soon (sent the application a few days ago eeekk!!) and already thinking about my choice of first firearm. Now I know everyone's going to tell me to get a .22, but I live in Canada, and we have special tolerances for .22's, and they aren't going...
  13. SKS Stripper Clips

    Military Weapons Forum
    Hi All, I'm looking for advice for a good source of SKS stripper clips. I have a Chinese model and my current clips seem to be just a bit too wide to fit in the bolt carrier. Any advice on places for good fitting clips for a Chinese SKS? Thanks in advance!
  14. Optics for Norinco SKS

    Military Weapons Forum
    I recently mounted a BSA 4x30 scope on the receiver cover scope mount on my SKS. After play time at the range I needed to remove the mount and all to clean the rifle. It doesn't keep zeroed that way. What are my best options for optics on the sks? Are there any scopes with decent enough eye...
  15. War Bring-back thread

    Military Weapons Forum
    Anyone want to do war bring-back thread on the forums. I am in the mood for some military history right know.
  16. Import Bans of 1989 and 1994

    Firearms General Discussion
    I getting so sick of this import ban of 1989 and 1994. Like most gun restrictions this one it's complete BS. This one hardly gets brought up on the forums unlike NFA of 1934 and GCA of 1968. This ban is caused some stupid crap -restricted semi-auto rifles importation because of "sporting...
  17. Looking for my first Semi Auto centerfire

    Military Weapons Forum
    My First Assault rifle AK74, SKS, m1a So I want an AK74, I've seen some very reasonable prices on ammunition and such. However I cant seem to find any ak74's for reasonable prices. I'm in CA so no 30 rounders :( but does anyone know a place to find a reasonable 74. Will steel core damage them...
  18. Your favorite Milsurp?

    Rifle Forum
    So recently I bought a sporter arisaka, because i needed i thought i needed to for class (gunsmithing college) and I took it shooting, I was surpirsed at its accuract and how much fun it was to shoot. Unfortunately the 7.7 Jap round is rare and expensive especially if you don't reload. So i went...
  19. New SKS sights

    Firearms General Discussion
    I've been wanting to get rid of the crappy factory irons on my sks, and I've found a few good ones, but I'm not sure which one would be best and I don't want to blow my money and regret it. The ones I've been looking at are the TS200 (tech sight), a williams fire fight set, or a mojo rear sight...
  20. Red dot or Tech sights?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I've been looking into getting a new sight for my sks to replace the rather crude rear sight. I've got the crapco setup on mine(Before you complain about ruining a classic, it was the cheapest was to get a "Assault rifle" when ak's were still over $1000) , and I had the replacement gas tube...