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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    I found this guide a while back, but I forgot about it and just found it on one of my hard drives. So here are the instructions I found in the form of .jpg images. I did not make these and in no way claim them as my own. I am simply posting them because I find them more useful than a half-assed...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    Anyone know where I can get a 20rd fixed magazine for an SKS? You know, the ones with the star on the side. I have been using 20rd Tapco magazines instead of the 10rd fixed magazine, but am thinking I would like to go back to feeding it with stripper clips, but would still like the 20rd capacity.
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    In Canada here, can't get full auto and I'm not sure how important that is besides for cover fire. I have 7.62X39 on stripper clips and am not likely to find an SKS-D with the AK mags and I'm not sure how good the duck bill mags are if I can even get them. My plan is to at least get an SKS...
1-3 of 3 Results