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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    Question for everyone. I have a wasr10 and a sks and about 4000 rounds of ammo for them. My question is should I sell them to buy another ar15 and or ammo. I already have 3 ars with optics. I also have plenty of shotguns pistols bolt action rifles and ammo for them. I never shoot the ak or...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    The SKS comes up a lot on this board, and I thought you may enjoy a report on what prices of various SKS rifle variations did in the first quarter of 2013: GunStockMarket 2013 First Quarter SKS Market Report. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    I have been told to carry the SKS over many other guns for a few different reasons (weight, for instance) I'm just wondering why this weapon is so much better. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    For you guys who appreciate the SKS and are knowledgeable about the Russian variant, what price are these REALLY going for these days? Spec's: 1953 Tula refurb, all matching, "NHM" Importer - Sacto Ca. Original sling and bayo. Stock as X'ed out original SN but the rest are all the same...
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    I bought an SKS today. Dont know tons about them but it was beautiful so I decided to buy it. Came with the original magazine, a 5 round magazine, and two 10 rounds magazines. I was reading an apparently to get them to take larger magazines you have to do some modifications? Any SKS Guru's...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    heya dudes. hope y'all are well, considering the current climate in the country. :( anyways, due to crap that's going on in my state (NY), I sold all my AKMs and related parts (mags, springs, replacement parts, etc.) So now my SKS is my go-to rifle. In the past, it was always the step-child. I...
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    Well, I know that obama has planned to ban importation of all weapons and ammo as one of his first EO steps, but I never thought I'd see an SKS go for more than $500 much less TWICE that!! I suppose when you look at in the light...
  8. Firearms General Discussion
    Some kind of worse case situation has happened, you and your family have to bug out to the Bug Out Location, and how what? Keep in mind, this is a worse case situation, meaning you did not have time to grab any gear from your home. The only gear you have, is the gear you have stored at the...
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    Been a handgun guy for a while now. Recently decided to get a good, inexpensive general purpose survival type rifle. While I would love a Colt AR-15 or Ruger Mini 14/30, I am more in the AK or SKS price range right now. I am familar with both but leaing towards the SKS. Outside of the 10 shot...
  10. Military Weapons Forum
    Well I went to the major gunshop in our area to get a couple of pistols and after I purchased them I was walking around enjoying the sights when I got to the very back corner in the very back room, there they were, still coated in cosmoline. Yep, never been shot Yugos, about 12 of them all...
  11. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm looking for an SKS that is LESS than $200. The cheaper the better (as long as it's safe, of course... An SKS bolt to the face doesn't exactly sound too terribly enjoyable...) Can anybody be of assistance?
  12. Military Weapons Forum
    Where is the cheapest online right now to buy reliable detachable sks mags. Cheaper than dirt has Tapco's for around $18 right now.
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    Yeah, other guns are better. But what about a 10 round fixed mag semi-auto. Keep in mind I live in NY, so we cant have tapco mags for the SKS's. I got roughly a half dozen of them mostly private sales too. I have one Saiga conversion in 7.62x39 and I recently bought a S&W M&P 15. I also...
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    1 Simonov SKS 1120 rounds of ammunition $425.00, to me this sounds like a decent deal, what do you guys think?
  15. Military Weapons Forum
    $299.00 seems like a pretty reasonable price to me for a VG NRA condition rating.
  16. Military Weapons Forum
    i took my yugo sks 7.62X39 out to the range today and every single shot the shells would get caught in the chamber or wouldn't eject? so i would load one round fire it, then have to pull the bolt back, which was extremely hard sometimes. i dont know to much about it other then maybe it could be...
  17. Military Weapons Forum
    With SKS prices creeping close to the $300 price range, why are they considered a viable option for survivalist,,, or even anyone else? Back in the 1990s when you could pick up an SKS for less then $100, yea, I could see buying one then. But over the past 2 decades prices have steadily gone...
  18. Military Weapons Forum
    easy question, but im having trouble deciding what rifle to buy. i have a sks (a yugo that i prefer to keep in factory condition) but want one to customize. however im aware of the poor quality trigger pull on a sks rifle and was wondering would a saiga in 7.62x39 be a better way to go? (also...
  19. Military Weapons Forum
    Alright, I typically would not do this, but I wanted to share the good cheer. Check it... 1. Found an advertisement online last night that Cabelas was selling Yugo SKS for $199 2. Found a $20 coupon for purchases over $150 3. Signed up for their Visa credit card and saved an additional $25...
  20. Military Weapons Forum
    Assuming 922r was flushed down the toilet where it belongs... Would you prefer an AK47 or SKS with pistol grip and hi-cap magazine? Why?
1-20 of 30 Results