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  1. Financial Forum
    Fixing to buy my first silver eagles. Unfortunately they aren't all for me, they are for birthday presents for my nieces and nephews. What should I expect to pay over spot in this market?
  2. Financial Forum
    Hi, my friend has a large amount of silver coins including 30 or so silver half dollars and about 60 silver buffalo nickels. He wants 60 for the whole collection. Is this a good deal?
  3. Financial Forum
    I posted a ad a few weeks ago in my local paper looking to buy US minted silver coins. Got a call today from a fellow with 550 1964 and older US quarters offering to sell at melt value. I am excited by a opportunity this big, but am also feeling a bit concerned at spending this much cash. I am...
  4. Financial Forum
    Hi, I am looking for input into purchasing silver coins. I have never done this before and have been doing some research. Right now, 1 Silver Eagle is going for around $38.40. Is that too much? Do those of you who are more experienced see that price dipping much below that? What is your...
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    A man says he is traumatized after he was punched, stabbed and tied up by home-invading thieves who made off with his life savings of $750,000 in silver coins and bars. “Obviously some friend, or friend of a friend, or friend of a family member was told and they leaked it to the wrong people,”...
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have heard something about quarters made before 65? They are supposed to contain silver. Is this true? If so what about other coins. When I was arond 7-8, (1978)I got into collecting coins. I kept everything I thought was old, at the time I thought a ten year coin was old. The collecting...
  7. Financial Forum
    Going to buy some silver. I think we should buy 1 oz. bars that are .999, however, hubby thinks we should buy a bag of random coins. Says those are used easier and can be broken down and exchanged. What do you think?
  8. Financial Forum
    I hear everyone talking about silve dimes and quarters but are pre. 65 nickels silver or not. Thanks.
  9. Financial Forum
    Hi, Lurked for a while and am clearly new I would think by this question but what should I get. I a bit of money to spend and want to know if pre 64 or rounds would be best. If rounds is generic good or would eagles be best? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I'm not sure. I...
  10. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi, I'm very concerned about forecasts of dollar devaluation, so I was considering foreign currency accounts (because I'm a bit nervous about keeping a stash of silver coins around the house, even if i'd have time to research how to buy them and store them. I'm helpless in that respect, female...
1-10 of 10 Results