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  1. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    It may be time to better organize my seed stockpile, my maybe organize your seed stockpile. Over the past decade I have stockpiled seeds and organized them season - spring and fall. Typically my seed stockpile was divided into containers that were seeds to be planted in the spring and seeds...
  2. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    My aunt swears by the Old Farmer's Almanac. She will not even break the ground until the book says to. I typically watch the weather forecast and plant after the last expected frost. However, for 2019 I ordered Old Farmer's Almanac 2019 and will be planting off of it. How many people use the...
  3. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Okra is starting to produce; this has been two months in the making. A few things about growing okra: Hot weather crop and the seeds will germinate only when the soil temperature reach something like the upper 70s. Seeds have a hard outer coating. If planted too early, the seeds will sit...
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Looking at the most easily grown and sustainable food that the earth has to offer, I think that wheat, beans and potatoes are the true survivalist foods. If you are planting anything this year, invest some extra effort and gain some experience in potatoes and beans. This fall, make a small...
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion Family grows 6000 pounds of produce on 1/10 of an acre - wow! I have 3/4 of an acre in suburbia - this is encouraging!
1-5 of 5 Results