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  1. Vienna sausage taste change?

    Food and water
    A few days ago I had the urge to eat some Vienna sausage. So I grabbed a can from the preps, opened the can, then began to feast. Right off the bat I noticed the taste was different than I remember. This was a fresh can bought only a few months ago. I keep my stockpile of Vienna sausage...
  2. Is your state about to re-open? Now may be the time to max out your preps.

    Unless my Governor extends the lockdown, my state is set to open up at the end of the week. I fear that this will lead to an explosion of new cases in my otherwise nearly untouched state...and that the same thing will happen across the country as things open up. I have been bugged in since...
  3. Why I am phasing back canned foods

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I only have X amount of time and money. In the big picture, I feel those resources would be better served by working on renewable food sources than buying canned foods. 25 years ago up until recently my main food prep was canned and dried foods. A can rotation system was put in, but was...
  4. Mountain House Beef Stew Review

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Mountain House Beef Stew is probably one of the better rounded meals from Mountain House. The beef, peas and carrots were all consistent with each other. The gravy had plenty of flavor. There was nothing bland or overbearing about the beef stew. Overall, this is going to be added to my preps.
  5. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Review

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Review of the Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. Probably the worst mountain house meal I have tried so far. Very bland with an overpowering potato taste.
  6. My Store Closeout Sale Finds

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    A small market/grocery store in my area is going out of business after almost 30 years. It is sad to see it go, but they were having a all-must-go sale this week. I found some great prep items on the cheap. First thing to catch my eye was a commercial grade food shelf. This thing is tough...
  7. Whats your long term food storage list?

    Food and water
    Hey guys. I'm obviously new here, but I've been researching long term food storage and am up to date on most of the basic techniques for doing so. I'm in the planning stages of getting my food ready. I have to acquire my buckets and pick and store the foods that I want to keep until I get...
  8. #10 can questions

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Sorry if this is a lame question but I am looking to diversity some of my food supply and have been browsing the Mointain House website and have some odd questions. 1) The MH site shows the servings per #10 can but how big or what are the approx dimensions of the cans themselves? 2) If you...
  9. Lentils

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Greetings, Anyone here opened a can or pail of lentils after 15 or 20 years? I am curious if you found any difference with pinto beans. I read their shelf life is more close to 8 years because after they harden and they have to be pressure cooked or grounded. I am more curious if after that...
  10. Fundamental foods survivalist should focus on

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    When survivalist start stockpiling food, we buy #10 cans and usually store food in mylar bags. Lets say we had to focus on certain foods, what would those foods be? How do we decide which foods we should focus on? Lets narrow our selections to how easy the food is to grow, how well it...
  11. today i started my own food bank

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    like a lot of you i have been putting up some extra food, mostly the grains, wheat,rice,corn,oats,and of corse beans ( i know beans are not a grain )some powdered eggs and milk, just the basic stuff that a lot of us start to prep with, but my wife hates that i prep. She can see having a few...
  12. Augasson vs mountain house

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Anyone compared the quantity and taste between Augasson and mountain house? Thank you
  13. The 'necessity' of rotating food?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Just a small rant. Please ignore if you don't want to read something like this. Eat what you prep, prep what you eat. Rotation is critical. Really? This is just a personal opinion, and I'm not knocking those who say buy only what you eat, eat what you prep, and rotate your food as essentials...
  14. New to all this, how does my priority list look?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself here. I've just finished reading James Rawles' survival guide and that eventually led me to this forum for further reading on living in stressful times. The depth of knowledge on this forum is really amazing and somewhat intimidating but I've really learned...
  15. Why Buy MRE's?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    So this is just my opinion to play the devils advocate, if nothing else. Feel free to argue otherwise :-) . Why waste money on an MRE? First of all, after eating like 6 billion MRE meals in the field and over seas I can say that they officially suck and you never get any damn jalapeno cheddar...
  16. interesting comment from my FedEx driver...

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I ordered 3 - 5 gallon buckets of supplies from Augason Farms (through Sams Club). I met the FedEx guy at his truck to help him carry it. He said, "Are these grains?". I said, nope, freeze dried foods. He said, "I just delivered 18 of these a couple stops ago". I wonder what the actual...
  17. Dry breakfast Cereal in mylar

    Food and water
    I recently got 3 different types of breakfast cereal for 99c a box :thumb: 15 boxes of cereal later, I'd like to know the best way to keep them. I was wondering how long I can expect these to last if I mylar & O2 Ab them in 1 gallon bags? Anyone tried this? I will rotate, but I'd just like to...
  18. Augason Farms Pinto Beans 41# Pail

    Vendor Deals Augason Farms Pinto Beans provide protein and an easy addition to chili, soups or stews. Our pail of pinto beans is now gluten free certified. Great for Everyday Use & Food Storage! :thumb: :D: SB MEMBERS ALWAYS GET...
  19. Best long term food option?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I would like to stock up on some food and then be done with it... It seems like freeze dried food allows you that option with a 25+ year shelf life on the #10 canned items. I am wondering who has the best quality out there. I have seen some called Mountain House.... Are they good?
  20. Foods with a very long shelf life - 5+ years

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi All, Newbie here. I'm looking for ideas for food that I can store that has a very long shelf life. At least 5 years. My plan is to set asside a corner of my garage and spend a couple of weekends gathering about 5-6 large storage boxes woth of supplies. I want to be able to put everything...