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shtf flashlight

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    A company by the name of Atactical contacted me and asked if I would like to do a review of their flashlight, the A1. I went to amazon and looked at the flashlight. The current price if $19.99. Website - I sent the company back an email saying sure, I would love to...
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    Been thinking about doing this thread for a while and MIL-DOT got me into the mood with his recent flashlight thread. So, I'm a flashaholic. No it's not what you think. A flashaholic is someone who collects, builds, modifies or simply appreciates a good flashlight. Basically we're portable...
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    I have not seen one thread on flashlights since ive been a member. I know about the search feature, just thought it would be a good idea. Please respond with what and why.
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    Okay I'll share with you... My name is Takezo... (hello Takezo) And I'm a flashlight nut. Yesterday I found a great deal at Costco. Two tactical LED flashlights for $14.95 (instant rebate). Made by Techlite (lumen master). I bought the set. They're about the size of a Surefire 3-P. Wow...
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    well what would be the best flashlight for SHTF/Camping and will be running for long amount of time? What would be the best flashlight for these uses? Thanks