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  1. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Hog vaccines. Hog vaccines? Yes, Hog vaccines! So, what do you folks think about vaccines for hogs? I have 4 sows that were weaned the end of September, and a boar who was weaned the end of October. They live together in the same pen. I hope that next spring I can turn them out into the a...
  2. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Okay, someone posted a Flu Shot/Or Not post. I did not want to hijack that post -- but here's another thought... In a post SHTF or EOTWAWKI situation, a pneumonia shot would be worth it's weight in gold. If you havent' had one, you might consider it!
  3. Health, Fitness and First Aid
    A new study released looking at the effect of flu shots. People who routinely get seasonal flu shots have been more apt to contracting the swine flu. People who received the seasonal flu vaccine shot in 2008 were up to 274%...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    I have a Mossberg 500 12g. My question is, out of all the shotgun "shots" which has the least kick when firing? Does the 2 3/4 have less kick than a 3"? What is the difference between lets say 00 buck shot, and #4 shot? Thanks for any info on this subject or any links that explain differences.
1-4 of 4 Results