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  1. Post SHTF Loaded Long Gun Discipline & Safety

    Firearms General Discussion
    As a rule, when I'm hunting, I always unload my rifle at the end of the day, even if camping out. I usually keep a loaded small pistol in my pants pocket at all times when camping and I keep one at home in my computer bag which I keep near my bed at night. I keep my long guns unloaded at home...
  2. Replacing my 870 rifle sights...

    Shotgun Forum
    I have an older 870 Express with a 18.5" barrel that's a shooter, as much as a working shotgun can be, I suppose. With its rifle sights and rifled slugs I'm happy with its precision out to 25-30 yds, but I mostly put 7-1/2 or 00 through it. The only time I've ever had problems with it was when I...
  3. HR5087 - Start of Gun Confiscation?? **Merge Thread**

    General Discussion Please read this and let everyone know about it. I pray this doesn't pass if so then we're all outlaws. Also who is going to be brave enough to knock on my door and ask for my guns? Rolling up my sleeves and getting ready...
  4. OFFICIAL- Tactical Training Resources Thread

    Firearms General Discussion
    I am going to kick this off with some resources available in my state, it would be great if others did as well so we can have a resource available to all users. If others participate in this I will make this a sticky at the top of the General, Pistol, and Rifle, and Military Weapons forums...
  5. Strange shotgun?

    Shotgun Forum
    i found this but im not sure whether its a good shotgun or not because it doesn't seem to have a brand on it at all kind of thought about buying it since it isn't very much i wanna know peoples opinions on it before i decide whether to buy it though...
  6. Benelli M4...finally a viable weapon light mount

    Military Weapons Forum
    The Benelli M4 uses a special operating system (for Benelli), the ARGO (Auto Regulating Gas Operated), specifically because the Benelli M1 did not function well with an optic and light and NV/laser mounted to it, due to the ID (Inertia Drive(en)) system requiring a certain amount and speed of...
  7. Maverick HS-12 For Hunting and Survival

    Shotgun Forum
    So I recently bought a Mossberg HS12 shotgun and I wanted to share my experience with it so far and the reason I went this direction. I was using an H&R single shot for hunting small game. The model I have is a 162 which has a front blade sight and a rear fold down sight similar to the setup...
  8. Non Lethal Rounds. A Consideration?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I have been considering the Pro's/Cons of adding non-lethal loads to my arsenal. I have been entertaining the idea of 12 gauge bean bag or rubber pellet loads for situations that, well, require less pew pew pew. An example: an armed (melee) and drunk/hungry neighbor or family member who cannot...
  9. Hatfield single shot 12 gauge

    Shotgun Forum
    Has anyone else had the chance to buy a Hatfield 12 gauge single shot shotgun from wallymart for 99.95? I just got one the other day. Seem very solid built reminds me of the old New England firearms single. Smooth bore no choke and no necked down barrel. Folds for storage too. Great bug out...
  10. Opinions on what to do w/my new double barrel 12ga.

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey guys, I've been kicking around a few ideas regarding my latest purchase and wanted to know what you guys think. I recently picked up a Stevens 311 model H. SxS 12 gauge. I've always wanted a SxS, not sure why, maybe just for the nostalgia as by grandfather always hunted with a 16 gauge SxS I...
  11. Simple and Cheap Shotgun reloading setup

    Shotgun Forum
    I have an NEF single shot 20 gauge and I want to get a simple and cheap kit for reloading shells for it, any recommendations? Any help is much appreciated. I'm also fine with making my own kit but I don't know what to buy, so if you know please tell. Thanks.
  12. Anyone have or have experience with TRISTAR Shotguns

    Shotgun Forum
    I am looking at a TRI-STAR over/under shotgun but have no experience with them. It is the Hunter EX or the Hunter EX LT model. 12 guage, 28"bbl, chambered for 3" shells. It appears to be a great gun but I hesitate as I have no experience with this brand, so any input would be welcomed
  13. Budget shtf long gun

    Firearms General Discussion
    Due to budget lately I'm sadly restricted to $300 for a long gun and can't decide between a 12 guage shotgun (pump) or a mosin nagant.What are some pros and cons of each? Haven't seen a mosin worth buying locally but I saw a used Remington 870 at gander mountain yesterday for $199 and I'm very...
  14. Shotgun vs 22

    Firearms General Discussion
    Pros and cons of shotguns vs a 22 rifle for a secondary long arm in a bug out shtf scenario. Would the extra weight of a shotgun and ammo be justifiable as it's "more suitable" for a defensive scenario?
  15. Can anyone identify this?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Ran across this in my web wanderings today with no identification. Wondered if anyong had ever seen such an animal in the wild.
  16. New to guns, need some recommendations.

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to firearms and was wondering what set up anyone could recommend for home defence and hunting. I also have to consider my budget but just recommend any firearms and I will look into prices later. I live in Australia, but may be moving to the UK soon, so obviously they...
  17. Department Store vs Gun Shop Shotguns... big differences?

    Shotgun Forum
    I'm about to buy my first shotgun and am looking at a Mossberg 500 combo. I am not well-versed with shotguns but it seems to have good versatility and a gentle price point. Most reviews and videos on talk like it's a good choice. Today I was calling around to check availability and learned...
  18. A little gun porn.. Post your favs

    Firearms General Discussion
    K so here are 3 of my collections that i really like so i thought id share them with you First one is my DPMS AR10 second one is my overly modified H&R pardner pump and lastly my Taurus PT738
  19. Hatsan Aimguard esscort

    Shotgun Forum
    I did a search. And found old threads on this topic. A friend has a 12ga pump action shotgun that he is selling. It is a Hatsan Arms Escort "Aimguard" It is manufactured in Turkey. I did get a chance to handle and fire it. Seems to be well made. Fired like a champ. Does anyone have one? Or have...
  20. Video - homeowner shoots down drone

    General Discussion It may have been staged by the homeowner, but it was still interesting to see how quickly the drone failed after a hit from the shotgun pellet(s)...